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Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto Terme is located 45 km west of Venice and about 11 km south-west of Padua, in the region called Veneto. The resort is considered one of the best spa centers in Italy, and it was a member of the Euganean Therms, together with his "neighbor"  Abano Terme. Complex which together form is one of the biggest thermal center in Europe. Source of mineral water in Montegrotto  has long been known for its miraculous healing properties since the days of the Roman Empire, when the city name sounds a little different: Mons Aegrottorum, translated this phrase means "mountain of sick people." Actually in city Montegrotto Terme are about 30 hotels, each of which is equipped with swimming pools, saunas, whirlpool and fitness centers, spa and beauty salons where you can plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and pleasant stay.

One of the main advantages of this resort is that here every hotel has its own thermal center, where you can always be treated with mud, hydrokinetic and inhalation therapy. Thermal Baths in these hotels are particularly indicated for those who have problems with blood circulation, as well as other cardiovascular diseases, and even for those who are sick sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Mud therapy is also recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and restores the required amount of minerals and trace elements missing in the muscle and bone tissue. Also muds stimulate the production of endorphins, "happiness hormones", normalize the nervous system, improve the overall condition of the skin, hair and nails and generally give cheerfulness and joyful mood.

Montegrotto Terme is located in the Euganean Hills, which are dormant volcanoes and reach a height of 600 meters, have hot mineral springs and beautiful nature. In 1989, the territory of these hills was to create a beautiful park, the first regional park in Veneto, he was named Park of  the Colli Euganei; it was composed by 15 cities, among them Montegrotto.

Under the open sky in Montegrotto is located the "archaeological museum", here during excavations went discovered the amazing ruins of an amphitheater and of Roman baths, which have survived from ancient times

In Montegrotto you are sure recommended  to visit the "Butterfly House" (La Casa delle Farfalle) - a wonderful place, where there are gardens with tropical butterflies. Here you will find Amazon or Neotropical, African-tropical and Indo-Australian gardens. In the butterfly house these winged beauties can be found in all their stages of development:

from egg, then the caterpillar and the pupa, and at the end the butterfly.

In addition, it will be interesting to visit the City Museum of Art Glass, which is called the "Museo Internazionale d'Arte del Vetro", with a wonderful exhibition which includes more than 500 works of art, and here are masters of Murano and work themselves

In addition, Montenegrotto is a huge library, which has nearly 22,000 books!

The most famous park in the city is "The Garden of Villa Draghi" park takes the name of the beautiful Villa in it located. Today it is under renovation, but very soon it will appear in a new luxury guise.

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Montegrotto Terme

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