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Abano Terme

Abano Terme is a wellness resort located next to the Veneto. The city forms a single complex with Montegrotto Terme. Abano Terme is widely known for its medicinal mineral springs, which contain sodium chloride, bromine, iodine. The springs are everywhere in the city and have a very high temperature of about +87 °C.

Springs of Abano have been long known for their miraculous healing properties. Visiting them is beneficial for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and various neuralgia and myositis, the consequences of injuries and sprains, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica and many others. Also these thermal procedures are great for people with otolaryngology diseases, including pharyngitis, rhinitis, as well as laryngitis and sinusitis.

However, there are also specific counterindications for visiting the thermal springs. For example, people suffering from heart diseases, and also those with benign or malignant tumors, are forbidden to have any treatments here.

In local hotels and treatment centers you will have an opportunity to enjoy thermal baths, steam rooms, special grotto-saunas, indulge in different types of rejuvenating and relaxing massages, attend some physiotherapy sessions, as well as aqua gymnastics and much more.

The thermal water of Abano plays a special role in creating unique conditions for the "maturation" of therapeutic mud. This occurs in a special way: special baths, which are situated in the open air, are filled with mud, which is then penetrated by thermal water the temperature of which is not lower than + 84 °C. Water, together with the sun and air, contribute to the development in the mud of a special micro flora. This process takes time and the mud becomes useful only after three years. From that moment the mud becomes a real therapeutic substance in helping relieve many ailments and healing the entire body.

In the resort you will find hundreds of luxury hotels, each equipped with its own thermal swimming pool, gardens, parks. Here you can have a great vacation and rejuvenate your body and soul. Many of the local hotels have been welcoming tourists for dozens and even hundreds of years. All hotels are equipped with necessary amenities, will delight you with wonderful restaurants serving delicious dishes and fine wines, as well as offer you various sports activities on land and on the water.

Abano has an excellent geographical location. It is very close to many historical centers of Italy, such as Padua, Venice and the famous Lake Garda.

The resort town boasts 86 tennis courts, where professional tennis players as well as amateurs can enjoy their favorite game. There are also several golf courses, a sport especially loved by the aristocracy. In the city you will find stables for riding horses, with specially trained instructors who will select for you the best horse and teach you about some of the subtleties and nuances of the sport. In city parks you will find plenty of walking and cycling paths, which can be explained by the fact that there are areas of the city where it is not always possible to drive by car.

At night in Abano there are plenty of nightclubs and discos. They greet fans of clubbing with beautiful show programs and fun dancing. The music here is presented in a variety of styles, so everyone will find something to their liking. After you danced the night, you can always return to the hotel to continue your party at a restaurant or in a lobby bar.

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