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Tirrenia is one of the most popular destinations among sun resorts in Italy. It is a favorite destination of locals, as well as the British and the Germans. Russian tourists are still rare in these parts, but every year they come in Tirrenia more and more, as they love it that much. It’s recommended to book a hotel in advance, as more closer to the season the more likely many of them will already be fully booked.

Tirrenia is famous for its beauty and majesty, and it's no wonder as the city is located on the site of the National Reserve of San Resorre. The very atmosphere here invites to quiet walks around the city, enjoying the scent of pine and birdsong. The parks have a special bicycle paths and lanes for riding.

Tirrenia is very suitable for people who prefer relaxing with a family. This is due to the fact that the city is easy to get to, which is very beneficial for couples with young children. Also, here it’s very convenient for kids to go into the water, as the seabottom is evenly declining, so it feels safe. Finally, there are  wonderful playgrounds, equipped with all necessary amenities and a great amusement park.

The sea in Tirrenia is warm and tender, the sun is not scalding, and all the conditions of the resort seem to perfectly match with the wishes of travelers. During the day on the beach here can be interesting and useful to spend time for you here provided playground basketball and volleyball equipment for underwater fishing, the possibility to rent a sailboat or catamaran. On the beach you can find a staff representative who will provide equipment for any sport. Other services include all kinds of bars and cafes that provide an opportunity for travelers to drink soft drinks or a refreshing cocktail.

In the evenings, Tirrenia fabulously beautiful. Here the bright lights shine signs names of restaurants and bars. Friendly places and meet visitors are treated to delicious national cuisine as well as a fine Italian wine, which is known for its exquisite taste, not only in Italy but also abroad. Despite the abundance of restaurants in the city, it is quite calm, quiet resort, there can not be found nightclubs with loud music, disco and noisy companies, strolling through the night. For lovers of night fun are located near the town of dance bars, billiard clubs and even a bowling alley. From there you can get on the boat to Cinque Terre, which has become the heritage organization UNESCO. Tirrenia is far from the island of Corsica and Elba, is widely known for its marvelous nature.

For lovers of excursions in Tirrenia provided day trips to the mouth of the Arno, where, along the rotation to the San Rossore has huge fishing nets, the distance one can see the peaks of the Apuan Alps, majestically stretched near the coast. Also included in the tour Reserve San springs, the racetrack, where you can enjoy a ride on the horse, and in the neighboring towns, which are around Tirrenia there are many, as the historical center, has a rich cultural heritage, and the small villages, famous for its beautiful traditions that local residents carried to the present day.

Tirrenia - a beautiful resort that will not leave anyone indifferent, here you can relax your body and soul, while at the same time bring in a fun and useful.

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