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Pratolino (Pratolino) - a picturesque town situated in the region of Tuscany (Toscana). Tourists love to come here because Pratolino is famous worldwide for its beautiful picturesque nature, every corner of the city imbued with the spirit of comfort and warmth, the city welcomes travelers with open arms.

Pratolino is located in a shady favorable terrain, there is no heat here, weather is always nice, not dull and not very sultry. The nature of the city is represented by thousands of different species of trees, flowers and shrubs, it is very prolific, colorful edge, glorified not an artist and poet, for many ages. The city's architecture is striking for its diversity and majesty. Here are a number of styles, including Romanesque style of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and many others. Around the city placed small statues, each of which has its own legend, they give the city a special charm and strangeness, which distinguish it from all others.

One of the most striking sights of the city is the Villa Pratolino. The history of the construction states that it was purchased by Francesco I for Bianca Cappello, when she was not his wife, he thus tried to win her heart, and she promised to create in this area a paradise on earth. Francesco ordered the architect Buontalenti create beautiful architecture here: fountains, intricate mazes, beautiful pavilions, and optical illusions. There were beautiful gardens, parks with rare species of trees and flowers, and among them were placed statues of various shapes and images. The park was decorated with small cozy alley, they gave him an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Many beautiful things made in those days we did not live up to, however, and today there is still a lot to see, the villa and the park is still good, though, and they do not have all the tweaks made in the XVI century. Over the years, the estate was acquired by Russian Prince Demidov, at that time it was in dilapidated condition, but Demidov restored buildings and a long time the villa was of the same name.

Recently, the villa was renamed again, as representatives of the Russian territory Pratolino required to return them to the state, they decided that as it was once owned by their residents, it should now belong to Russia. The villa was renamed as Villa Pratolino just a few years ago.

Pratolino famous for its luxury hotels. Accommodation here ranges from three star to five star, so that everyone will choose their living conditions to their liking. In the hotel you will meet a very kind staff who will help you if necessary all the time that you stay at the hotel.

I would especially like to acknowledge the local supply of food in restaurants. Waiters served artfully tables here, and the dishes are so astonishingly varied flavors that simply amazed. Each dish professional sommelier will find you a delicious wine, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable dinner with friends or family and to remember those beautiful moments of your life for many, many years.

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