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Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole  - a small, pretty town, which is located in Monte Argentario. The town still has its own customs and traditions, so today is like a village of fishermen. Despite this, it has a unique interesting history, which for many years attracted tourists with its mystery. Porto Ercole is located on a promontory, its east coast, in a very important point for the city Argentario, whose height reaches 635 meters.

In addition, Porto Ercole is located in the National Park Argentario, in the garden of Corsini. This garden was named in honor of the villa, which is nearby. In the park grow exotic plants that thrive well in this climate and pleasing to the eye as visiting guests and locals alike.

Porto Ercole, founded in the time of prosperity of the Roman Empire, but the town became truly known only in the Middle Ages, evidenced by archaeological research conducted in the area. This region belonged to at the time the abbey three fountains in Rome, and only in the XIII century, the city passed into the leadership of Margaret Aldobrandeschi. Margarita ordered build a tower in the town square, called the Tower of the Earth later, this is what gave rise to the construction of the strengthening and growth of Porto Ercole.

Subsequently, the city was transferred to the management of the family Orsini, who continued the construction of the architectural masterpieces of the city: to build new towers and castles, fortified walls of the city. In the XV century Porto Ercole went to the Republic of Siena, it marked the beginning of its further rapid development. At this time, were erected walls that have been preserved in its original form to the present day. According to legend, Porto Ercole was very rich place developed at that time. During the section in France and Spain, Porto Ercole involved in their dispute, despite its geographical position. However, in the XVI century, the city was headed by the Spaniards. Porto Ercole was strategically advantageous place, because here observed the adjacent area, is near the shore. The city entered the XIX century in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

In Porto Ercole particularly known Filippo Forte and Forte Santa Catarina, which were built in the XVI century and were outside Porto Stefano. Many years ago they were part of the fortress, which was built by the Spaniards to protect Porto Ercole  against pirates. In the same XVI century palace housed the Spanish rulers. Outside the windows of the palace stretched majestic Piazza di Santa Barbara.

Another interesting attraction is the church of St. Erasmus, which conceals the life history of the Spanish rulers, who were buried in this place. According to legend, Caravaggio was also buried there. Tourists will be easy to find a church, it is located at the exit to the port of La Rocca Pisana. This building belongs to the Renaissance and is a vivid example of the architecture of the time.

Also in Porto Ercole, be sure to visit the Forte Stella. The name comes from the shape of the construction of a six-pointed star, because during the XVI century, the strengthening of built in such a way. Here a beautiful view of the city.

Porto Ercole, well known for its pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. This pretty town loved by many celebrities, among them the Dutch royal family, built here their beautiful villa. Despite this, the sailors are considered, however, the owners of the Cape. Every day you can watch a beautiful picture out into the open sea yacht and its return at sunset.

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Porto Ercole

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