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Marciana  - a picturesque town, which, along with other towns of Tuscany, famous for its beauty, marvelous landscapes and panoramas that open the eyes of tourists here. The architecture is represented by several epochs. For many centuries, various masterpieces of art were built, many of them have been restored, some have remained intact.

In Marciana facilities can be found in the Romanesque style, and the style of the Middle Ages, but still, most of the buildings are made in the style of the Renaissance. Many famous artists, poets and others, worked at that time and they gave rise to the development of art in Marciana.

Sights of the town are better viewed during slow walks. Tourists can enjoy the views of these places, having passed through the city streets and alleys, it would also be interesting to ride a bike.

Marciana offers many beautiful luxury hotels. We advise you to book rooms in advance in order to be sure that you stay at the place you want, and save some money, which by itself is a nice bonus. Local hotels give us the opportunity to relax in the best conditions we can possibly imagine to you round the clock services of a good-natured, helpful staff, as well as entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants, bowling and billiards, sports halls, swimming pools, spas, beauty salons and much more. Every hotel, though, is itself a separate state.

Beaches Marciana equipped with everything necessary for a joyful and comfortable stay. Here there are cabanas, and showers, and restrooms. Located around the beach umbrellas and deck chairs on the shore there are bars where you can order a cold drink or a bite to eat delicious snacks, which are represented here are countless.

On the beach there is a rental scooters and yachts, so you can feel like a sea captain, a ride on a yacht on the high seas and the deep sea explorer, sunk to the seabed diving. Also on the beach given the opportunity to go kite-surfing and surfing just to feel all the pleasures of the sea and "catch the wave" as it is called surfers.

Kitchen Marciana is widely known in the city and beyond. It is very tasty pizza with different toppings and sauces, it is as if melts in your mouth. Is also known for its outstanding flavor pasta, which is made according to certain recipes, using the most daring and interesting combinations of sauces, which it serves. The most common of them - this sauce Carbonara and Bolognese. Especially tasty seafood here, their restaurants in Marciana and fried and boiled and pickled, and smoked, but what wonderful food then obtained simply Yum. For each dish, ordered in a restaurant, you will pick up the most suitable drink, mostly it will be wine, with a high shutter speed, which was lovingly prepared by locals, the professionalism of which, by the way, there is no doubt of their house wines are sold at a tremendous speed, as have long established themselves as quality and extremely tasty.

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