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Saturnia a charming town located in the Italian province of Grosseto  in Tuscany between the mountains of Monte Amiata and rivers Fiora and Albegna. The town is famous for its thermal sulfur springs, beautiful unspoiled nature and cultural monuments.

By visiting these enchanting places you will be able to appreciate the Mediterranean landscapes, as well as medieval towns, located nearby, ancient castles, Etruscan necropolis and Roman ruins. The landscape of these places is very diverse: mountains and plains, forests and the sea coast, sand dunes and marshes. This is a wonderful place special charm gives a close relationship with the myths.

According to legend, the god Saturn was angry with people who fought each other and hurled lightning on the ground. From a strong impact from the crater of the volcano scored sulfuric water. It happened in Saturnia - Maremma center. Until now, a source located at a depth of 200 m delivers water at 800 liters per second, with the temperature +37,5 ° C. Water contains an increased concentration of two gases: hydrogen sulfide and carbon, which has positive impact on the skin and in general on the human body. Also, the water contains elements affecting respiratory tract, bone and muscle. It improves blood circulation and enriches the skin with oxygen. Due to the mild and warm climate, the sources are open all year and allow you to swim, even the children. More than 3000 years, this water helps people find beauty and youth.

Close to the natural pool is gorgeous resort Terme di Saturnia offering plenty of wellness and entertainment. This is the most elite spa complex in Italy. Stone therapy and cosmetic line were developed here.

The city has been inhabited since the Neolithic more. In the XII century BC there was a village of Villanova culture. Later the town was inhabited by the Etruscans, and in III century BC belonged to the Romans. Under the rule of the Romans came the terms called "dry bath". After the fall of the Romans, the city was emptied. It was mentioned only in 1188, when there were already new terms and the town fortress. In XІІІ century the city was under the rule of the family Aldobrandeschi. In the XV century, the town was annexed to the possessions of Florence.

An important landmark is the ancient Etruscan necropolis of the VII century BC (Necropoli del Puntone). At the same time walls were constructed which were later reinforced by the Romans and set up four gates. Only gate Porta Romana survived till now. The gates were built of large polygonal blocks of tufa without bonding agent.

The main stronghold of Saturnia was Aldobrandeschi fortress built in XII century. It was rebuilt in the Renaissance by adding two corner towers.

Also noteworthy is the Church of St. Mary Magdalene XII century. The church has several paintings of Benvenuto di Giovanni from XVII century.

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