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Switzerland (Svizzera in Italian) is a country in Western Europe that is bordering with germany on the north , with Austria and Liechtenstein on the east with France on the west and with Italy on  the south. The territory of Switzerland is divided into three regions: the Jura Mountains are on the North, the Alps are on the South and  the Swiss plateau is in the center of country. This country without any seaside is  rich with lakes and rivers. Among the largest rivers are Rhine, Inn, Rhone, Ticino, Aare. Also, the country is famous of its lakes of glacial origin, they are very deep and have an elongated shape. There are more than 600 amazingly clean and beautiful lakes. Among the biggest - Neuchatel, Zurich, Constance, Geneva.

Switzerland has a temperate continental climate. But thanks to 60% of the land belongs to mountains, there you can get from winter into summer in two hours. Winter is cold, the temperature near  0 degrees and in the mountains 10 degrees below 0.

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. From 2002 Switzerland is a member of the UN, and from 2004 the country was included to the Schengen Agreement. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Switzerland is a perfect example of classical tourism, that means beautiful clean cities, comfortable hotels, amazing nature and interesting excursions. The best time to visit the country depends on the purpose of the trip. The best period for skiing is November to April and lake holidays from June to September.

Switzerland is a paradise for skiers and climbers. Perfect slopes are an etalon  all over  the world where the high service level and comfort are provided thanks to modern lifts with big capacities  even in the high season. The  most popular ski resorts are St. Moritz, Grindelwald, Davos, Engelberg, Saas  Fee, Zermatt, Crans - Montana, Verbier.

Holidays on the lakes guarantees calm, silence, European comfort and pleasant sceneries. Most of lake beaches are grassy, not sandy. The largest lake in Switzerland, as well as Europe is Lake of Geneva.

There are plenty of places of interest all over the Swiis towns,  each city has its own unique charm.

Towns Biel and La Chaux-de-Fonds are very popular becasue of watch manufacturing. The most famous museum with the biggest exposition of habd made watches is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds .Solothurn is well known thanks to monuments of Baroque architecture.

In Myustere you can visit the Benedictine woman monastry that is included to UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bern attracts attention because of  it parliament building, a historical museum, Museum of Art, the Museum of the Alps.

And the most famous castle in Switzerland is located in Montreux on a small island of Geneva lake. It was built in the 13th century. It is open for visiting with all the rooms from the dungeon to the towers. The exposition includes collection of medieval weapons and another items found during the excavations.

Among places of interest of Geneva  you can see the castle of the 13th century, the flower clock with the world's largest second hand, Art History Museum and much more.

This wonderful country is famous for cheese, that we suggest to visit  the famous cheese-making in Afolterne and Emmental.

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Distances between main cities

St Moritz Pontresina Lugano Turin Verona Milan
St Moritz 10 179 373 313 255
Pontresina 187 380 311 262
Lugano 198 229 79
Turin 292 143
Verona 159
  • Lugano

    The magnificent city Lugano (Lugano) is located in the southern part of Switzerland at a height of 273 meters above sea level on the shore of the lake. Lugano is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks: Monte San Salvatore (Monte San Salvatore), Monte Bre (Monte Brè) …

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