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The magnificent city Lugano (Lugano) is located in the southern part of Switzerland at a height of 273 meters above sea level on the shore of the lake. Lugano is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks: Monte San Salvatore (Monte San Salvatore), Monte Bre (Monte Brè) and Siginёla (Sighignola). The city Lugano is also called “the Italian region” as it is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The vast majority of the citizens speak Italian.

Lugano is characterised by the delightful nature, beautiful lake, green plains and southern palm trees against the background of snow-capped Alpine peaks.

Lugano is the main city of the canton Ticino, located in the south of the Alps. This tourist region perfectly combines the high-quality Swiss service and the Italian hospitality. This land is rich in beautiful landscapes and diverse subtropical vegetation.

Lugano is the third largest financial centre of Switzerland. It is characterised by the mild Mediterranean climate due to the surrounding mountains. The annual average temperature is 11,5 °C. In winter, it is warm enough there, the spring begins in early March and the warm autumn days last until November. The water of the lake is warmed up to 24 ° C in August thanks to the mild climate. Here you can enjoy various water sports such as windsurfing, paragliding, sailing, water skiing. Playing golf, mountain biking, horse riding and hiking around the mountain slopes are also popular.

Lugano has been attracting numerous tourists for more than two centuries.  Many Swiss have a rest in Lugano. To see the sights of the city, you need to go to its old part. There are magnificent architectural monuments, beautiful parks, and ancient palaces. In the typical Italian squares, there are the cosy cafes, where you can taste the traditional Italian cuisine.

In the numerous boutiques of the city you can buy the latest masterpieces of famous fashion houses. You can also visit night clubs, discos, casinos, or the very famous entertainment centre “Kursal”.

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo (La cattedrale di San Lorenzo) is an important attraction of the city; it is designed using different styles: rococo, baroque and others.

The Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, founded by the wealthy aristocrat Antonio Caccia (Antonio Caccia) in 1893, is worth visiting. The museum is located in the aristocrat`s country house and contains the collection of the monuments of local art, created in the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

In 1987 the Cantonal Art Museum (Museo cantonale d'arte) was opened in the centre of Lugano. In the museum you can see the remarkable collections of the works of the artists from Italian Switzerland, who worked in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Near Lugano, there is the Chocolate Museum “Alprose”, which is the only one in the world.

It will take you just ten minutes to get from Lugano to Melide (Melide), where you can visit the open-air park “Swiss Miniature”. The park was founded in 1959, and this area was chosen due to the mild warm climate and stunning local scenery.

Ciani Park (Parco Ciani), located on the shore of Lake Lugano, attracts many visitors. The total area of the park is 63,000 square meters. The park is rich in the subtropical flora, palm trees, exotic plants, azaleas, roses, magnolias, etc. In the park, there is Villa Ciani (Villa Ciani), owned by the brothers Ciani in 1840. Today, there is the museum of the city in the villa.

It will be interesting for you to visit the main square of the city Piazza Riforma, where you can find numerous banks, restaurants and cafes. There is also the city hall. One of the most beautiful streets of the city is the pedestrian street Via Nassa (Via Nassa), which is always crowded with tourists.

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