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Syracuse (Siracusa) is a city with a lot of different cultures. This city is one of the most popular among tourists that go to Sicily. Most recently, the city has been generously funded, that contributed to the repair of local roads, restoration of ancient buildings and the overall renewal of the city.

Syracuse was founded by Greeks from Corinth back in 734 BC. This city in ancient times was famous for its extraordinary beauty. It competed with Athens in terms of its influence and power. At the time, Syracuse was of interest to such great personalities, like Plato, Archimedes and Dionysus. The city had a special atmosphere. It is here where the first Greek theaters originated and many other aspects of culture.

But as soon as the Ancient Greece fell, Syracuse immediately became a Roman colony and was deprived of many wonderful riches and treasures that the city had in abandon. Today Syracuse attracts tourists with its marvelous landscapes, luxury hotels and remaining mysterious landscapes. Today the city's attractions are presented by several temples, some of which have remained neglected, while others have been restored. The city's cathedral, located in the city center, was once a Greek temple of Athens itself. Today it attracts tourists with its beauty, interesting architecture and mysterious story of its origin.

In the Archaeological Park of Neapolis in Syracuse you will find a huge marble altar of Hieron II and big amazing theater. In Syracuse there is also a temple of Apollo and the "tomb of Archimedes." The city has a very beautiful cathedral, which delights with its beautiful domes and marvelous frescoes inside. In Syracuse, you will find many beautiful palaces that date back to different centuries. They are presented by different styles, but they all amaze with grandeur. Almost on the border of the city there is Eurialo. It was built in the 5th century BC, which proves that ancient Greeks built defenses to protect the city from attacks by neighboring empires or nomadic tribes.

Also very interesting is the famous fountain of Arethusa, which is located on the island of Ortigia. According to a legend, this fountain was a place where a nymph used to live.

In Syracuse there is a very interesting museum - "Museo dei Pupi Aretuzeo." It is the first museum in Italy, which was dedicated to the amazing, fabulous and fantastic world of puppets: lovely brave knights who were the champions of the Christian faith and the Moors-Saracens, as well as wizards, witches, shamans and various monsters. In addition to these very different puppets, the exhibition features various documents that tell the history of the theater and some clarifications and details about the history of the Italian puppet theater that are not widely known, such as, for example, that a puppet workshop of Vicolo del Ulivo has been around since 1978, and it appeared in the city even before the theater was established.

In the city itself, by the way, there are not that many beaches. Most of them are located in the periphery, near the outskirts of the city. Many of them have a variety of amenities; they are equipped with changing rooms and lounge chairs, which is so important for your comfort. Particularly pleasing is the fact that all the beaches have very clean water of a delicate shade of blue – the favorite color of the sea for tourists.

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