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Mondello  - a beautiful resort located in the marvelous bay, which lies between Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino. Very difficult to imagine that sometime in the ancient site of Mondello was a swamp with brackish water, it occupied a large area from the sea to the plains situated nearby. King Ferdinand IV  was very fond of hunting here, he liked the local species, nature, and animals that are found here.

Only at the beginning of the XX century marshland was drained and this place was converted into a luxury. Today it is the most popular resort in Sicily, travelers come here every year in large quantities. Today, Mondello hosts many hotels, restaurants, various entertainment facilities, but there are still a lot of "green" places, where the nature of Mondello remained untouched. And this is very good because it is very beautiful and colorful, thanks to the amazing plants and trees and the air of the town has a special wonderful aroma and is famous for its healing properties. Many call Mondello a "garden city".

Many Italians dream to buy a house in Mondello, but not everyone can afford it. Every year the resort is gaining popularity and housing prices are increasing.

The former fishing village has left just one tower in the form of a cylinder, which was built back in the XV century on the site of an ancient structure created for catching tuna. Another tower was created in order to watch approaching strangers, it is located on the highest point of the cliffs on the west side of the bay, offering a great view of the nearby town, the sea and the horizon, where it merges with the sky, as well as the whole colorful city.

During a lull between the first and second world war in Mondello significantly increased the number of houses built: here gathered members of the Italian and European aristocracy, while some rich people just tried to hide in the city. Very admirable are villas of Poeiro and Dargin, which were built in 1914 and 1915. Another interesting building is Kursaal a Mare, which was created in the style of "Late Floreal", it was particularly popular at the time.

Special thanks to the wonderful beaches of the resort. They resemble a paradise on earth, just as surprised by its beauty. Crystal clear turquoise sea water is so clear that you can see through her bottom, even if you are on a decent depth. Also pleasing the soft white sand on the beach, it is so pure and delicate, that it is very nice to walk barefoot, not feeling discomfort from the fact that it is heated by the sun. Beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, it is especially nice, since it makes the holiday much more comfortable. On the beaches, among other things there are cafes where you can hide in the shade, enjoying ice cream or some other refreshing dessert, such as, for example, fruit salad or creamy cake.

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  • Splendid Hotel La Torre

    The hotel “Splendid La Torre” is almost in the centre of the city Palermo, in Mondello. When you come out of any room, you can immediately get to the seashore with a boardwalk for walks. In addition, the hotel “La Torre” features an outdoor swimming …

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    Mondello Palace Hotel

    The hotel “Mondello Palace” is located in the heart of the tropical Mediterranean garden, fifty metres from the beach. Our guests can visit the beach free of charge. In addition, the guests may refresh in the cool pool by the hotel on a hot summer …

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    Hotel Conchiglia D'Oro Mondello-Palermo

    It will take you 20 minutes to get from the international airport to the hotel “Conchiglia D`Oro Palermo” by car. The guests of the hotel are offered 50 cosy rooms, equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Climate control systems will help you …

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