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Letojanni - a beautiful resort located in the province of Messina. Until the XIX century it was considered as an ordinary fishing village, but when there was built a road and railway routes, the city gained a second life. People from Italy and other countries began to arrive here on holiday.

Some parts of "Johnny the Toothpick" were shot in this wonderful town. Scenes in the movie were filmed, as you can guess, about the mafia. For example, the murder was committed in the film on the Durante square, a local barber shop.

Letojanni has a monument to the great surgeon Francesco Durante, who was born in this city in 1844. Monument was cast in bronze during his life. It was a work of the famous sculptor Ettore Ximenes.
The town square hosts a church, which was dedicated to St. Joseph, who is the patron saint of the city. Initially, the church was built back in the XVIII century, but then it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1908. In 1931, it was decided to recreate the church and now it is a beautiful building, decorated inside with frescoes and mosaics.

In Letojanni you can visit an interesting museum that was built many years ago in the name of Francesco Durante. Museum is beautiful and extraordinary.

There is a beautiful park nearby Alcantara. It was named after the river that flows in the area. Park is famous for its amazing basalt cliffs. The source of this river is located in the mountains of Nebrodi, at an altitude of about 1500 meters. The river bends around the mountains and then flows through many villages and towns.

The city is famous for its beautiful beaches. They are always spacious, so the number of persons per square meter does not exceed the allowable, thus it’s always comfortable on the beach. The beaches are lined with pebbles that are especially appealing  to many tourists. In the morning, the water is perfectly clean and quiet, and during the day you can observe waves, though do not worry about it, their height is quite low.

A separate line we would like to dedicate to the wonderful cuisine of Letojanni. It is based only on products that are produced locally, especially with respect to seafood, fruits and vegetables. Wines in Letojanni are homemade, prepared with a special love, by special technology, known only to residents of the city. Desserts at local restaurants just astonishingly varied. Here you can enjoy croissants, meringue, ice cream, and "brand" desserts, such as piparelle, ntsuddi, Bianco and Nero, pignolata, cannoli and others.

Every year Letojanni  holds the feast of St. Joseph, who is the patron saint of the city. It is conducted on March 17 and the first Sunday in August, performed religious rites, after which all go to the sea and sent to St. Joseph's effigy on a long voyage in a boat.

Every summer in Letojanni lot of different events, celebrations, festivals, and other activities are carried on. Each of them is accompanied by a certain show program, walking around the city with locals and tourists, as well as the sea of joy and positive emotions.

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