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Cefalu  - a town in the province of Palermo, which is conveniently located on Sicily. The locals are very proud of the fact that their city is included in the Natural Park of Madonie. City, by the way, is one of the main resorts on the island.

The city's architecture preserved medieval identity, one can is still find narrow streets that are paved with pebbles and limestone, mined from the bayside and cliffs of the Rocca di Chefalu. In the city you will find many palaces and museums, various temples and churches, mostly in the style of the Middle Ages.

The city has its own patron saint, her name is Madonna Immacolata. According to legend, she defended the city from enemies. To date, the inhabitants of Cefalu still honor Madonna, for which she, according to them, helps them to develop the city with their prayers.

Cefalu has a theater that was founded centuries ago by Baron Bordonaro. Theatre in its history has been opened and closed several times. To date, it is named in honor of Salvatore Cicero, the famous musician and first violin of symphonic orchestra of Sicily. The theater is divided into three parts, each has lodges. The atmosphere of the theater remained, oddly enough, the same as many years ago. On the ceiling is a picturesque canvas, scene covered by massive curtain, and corridors hold wonderful pictures. This environment was created back in 1885 by Rosario Spagnolo.

In Cefalu  you will also see Mandralisca Museum, which was named in honor of Baron with the same name. It is the gallery, where the "Portrait of an unknown sailor", written by Antonello da Messina. The painting was created in the interval between 1465 and 1476. Baron Mandralisca bought the painting on the island of Lipari, where the canvas was used, sadly, as a roof for the pharmacy "on wheels". Baron ordered to restore the damaged fabric and brought it to the museum. Beautiful alluring smile of a sailor became a cultural symbol of Cefalu.

Every year the city hosts the festivity called Transfiguration of the Lord, which takes place from 2 to 6 August. The festival is celebrated with great joy, it is holy for all residents, so they celebrate it with all the customs and traditions that have been established for many years already.

The city welcomes its visitors with first-class restaurants and hotels. Friendly professional staff will pick you up at the hotel and lead to your lovely room. Rooms are equipped with all the necessities, for the comfort of guests. It also offers a variety of additional services such as spa treatments, gyms, massages, various sports games and more.

Restaurants of Cefalu especially surprise you with a wide variety of dishes and culinary delights. Here you can try all sorts of combinations of seafood, as well as the post with vegetables and all sorts of delicious sauces. Desserts in restaurants also will not leave anyone indifferent with a variety of cookies and cakes with almonds, fruits, and honey. You can drink a good glass of wine, and then relax, look out the window at the panorama of the city and feel the pleasure.

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