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Villasimius  - a small town, which is located in the south-east of Sardinia, near the Fox River, which flows into the Gulf of Carbonara. Villasimius contains many beautiful neat beaches, as well as a whole variety of different restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

One of the main beaches are Porto sa'Ruksi, Piskadeddus, Campus, Spiaggia del Riso, as well as La Fortezza, Santo Stefano, Cala Burrone.

On a fairly large beach called Campulongu, located in the Gulf of Carbonara, you can often find cormorants. The pier hosts yachts of the rich businessmen, as well as those who just love traveling on boat. The beautiful beach of Simius protected from the sea streams and especially inhabited with marine plants and creatures. The temperature of the local water is slightly higher than the other beaches, this is due to the geographical location of the area.

Carbonara Bay opens us a wonderful view of the sea. On the shore of Villasimius you encounter unusual rare birds, which have long been in the list of endangered species, and due to the presence of rare species of animals and birds, the town is especially valued by various eco-organization.

The town has preserved some elements of the Phoenician culture, as well as the Roman necropolis. Spiaggia del Riso square, for example, preserves chamber tombs, they are called "Domus de Janas". According to historical data, they were created in the Stone Age. Also here in the square you encounter "nuraghe" - fortified dwellings of metal, built in the form of towers, they were called "the tomb of giants."

Cape Carbonara is known among other things for its old castle, which was built in the XIV century and then rebuilt in the XVI century by the decree of Philip II in order to strengthen the coastal zone of the city from the attack of the Turks. From the Campulongu  beach you can reach the Porto Junko tower, which was built in the XVI century from local granite. Tower keeps the legend of previous generations and is of particular interest to tourists. Be sure to also visit Cavoli island, where a lighthouse was built in the XIX century, and nowadays is occupied by a research center. There is another interesting tower on the island of Serpentara, which bears the name of San Luigi.

Both islands are within reach, can be reached independently by boat or yacht, and as part of groups that are organized by local guides.

Villasimius often carry out various colorful festivals and celebrations. Like festival dedicated to the Holy Madonna, who is the patroness of people who shipwrecked; another one is the day of Saint Mary and the Archangel Raphael. During festivities people go out on street and enjoy the overall atmosphere of fun. Squares are full of shows and performances, people sing songs and dance. After celebrations, many go to the sea and continue to chat in the night light lamps, make new friends with nice, good people and enjoy a nice relaxed conversation.

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