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Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura - a beautiful town that was founded in the beginning of the XVIII century, by order of King Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, but this discovery is only a formality, since these territories inhabited by the ancient peoples from ancient times.

The first settlement dates back to the nuraghi period, more than 4000 years BC, as evidenced by some archaeological excavations reveal. Already during the reign of the Roman Empire there were two settlements: Longonis and Tibul. It was a  fishing village and a terminal for consular roads, and from here precious granite was exported and used for the construction of monuments and a residence for the Roman nobility. During the maritime republic Pisani Longosardo was founded here, a strategic outpost located in the village, just 11 miles from Corsica, which feuded in those days with the city of Pisa.

The ancient city later evolved considerably in the XIII and XIV centuries, when the port was established here (there are only 4 ports Sardinia). In 1384 Eleanora D'Arborea ordered to build a castle here, but in 1420 it was destroyed completely by Genoese. This event led to the relocation of local residents, and in the next few centuries, the city served as the only haven for pirates and smugglers. As a consequence, the population of the city were only a garrison of soldiers, at first Spaniards, and then Piemont warriors.

In 1808, Francesco Maria Magnon became the head of the Piedmont garrison, and realized that in order to solve the problem of smuggling and other frauds, the city must be populated with civilians. King Victor Emmanuele I supported him by issuing a decree, stating the borders of the city and allowing the population to reside. The statue of Santa Teresa was constructed, the city started developing and being populated by people, who received land and facilities for accommodation.

Santa Teresa di Gallura is famous for its wonderful unique architecture. Located in the north of Sardinia, it has its own style and design of constructions, they can immediately find here. High-quality granite often used for decoration of houses. It’s common to see pools, carved directly into the granite rocks, very spectacular and fascinating sights that delight with its originality and striking unusual design. While enjoying bathing in these pools, you are surprised to find that you can see the entire city. It offers a great view of the beautiful landscapes and beautiful scenery of the city. Santa Teresa di Gallura is famous for its marvelous beauty of the beaches, which are covered with wonderful soft carpet of white sand. Sea water is crystal-clear and pleases eyes, the water temperature is always optimal - not cold and not too warm. The beaches of the city are equipped with the necessary equipment and rent various water sports equipment is also available. Here you can feel like a real diver, exploring the seabed or like an extreme surfer cleaving over the ocean waves. At the beach you can also rent a boat and go out on it in the open sea, where the sound of the waves and the singing of birds will please your ears and enjoy an unforgettable sea air and taste of freedom.

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Santa Teresa di Gallura

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