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Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is a wonderful resort, located in the north-east of Sardinia in a town Gallura. It is located in the central part of the Costa Smeralda. The town is famous for being popular among wealthy tourists and celebrities.

The history of Porto Cervo goes back the 60s, when Prince Karim Aga Khan IV admiring the beauty of these places decided to buy the land and create a beautiful city, taking advantage of the best architects of the time, which included even Luigi Vietti.

Porto Cervo is widely known outside of Italy for its beauty, wondrous architecture, marvelous hills and excellent facilities for a wonderful vacation. When the resort was built, the creators of the city wanted to recreate the atmosphere of continuity with Gallura. For example, the church Chiesa Stella Maris perfectly fit the environment of the city, and it was the beginning of the city’s fame – this type of architecture then spread throughout the coast and covered the entire island, and it is still popular and relevant in construction of buildings in Italian cities.

One of the city's best attractions is the cape Capo Ferro, which is a rocky formation with a height of 46 meters. A lighthouse majestically rises on top of it which serves as an indicator of land for incoming ships.

Within a five-minute walk from the harbor of Porto Cervo there is a beautiful beach Cala Granu. It is conveniently located in the bay with the same name, so it is well protected from the wind and other unpleasant weather conditions. This beach is very liked by both tourists and locals. Here, which is very important, there is no steep descent into the water, so the beach is also suitable for families with children. On the beach regular cleaning takes place, it is equipped with all necessary facilities and in general everything you might need for a comfortable stay.

In about 3 km from Porto Cervo you will find a wonderful beach Perevo. It is covered with snow-white soft carpet of sand, and here the weather is always a soft and warm. Perevo also has a shallow bottom which is great for families, because parents don’t have to worry about their children. On this beach you can often see celebrities, various prominent figures of politics, art and music, which is why here you can also often see journalists and paparazzi.

Another beach that is close to Porto Cervo is La Celvia. Here you will find a bit coarse sand, but still shallow seabed. The beach is surrounded by majestic pink granite rocks, and it is especially loved by divers because the water is clear and there are a lot of species of marine flora and fauna.

You will especially enjoy local restaurants that offer a great variety of national dishes. Local chefs will skillfully prepare especially for you wonderful seafood in a variety of ways, as well as delicious pasta with all kinds of sauces, or amazing pizza. Local chefs know some cooking secrets, amazing combination of flavors, which makes their dishes particularly unique. Porto Cervo is also famous for its exquisite wines. Local winemakers use a special technology. A lovely glass of fine wine will be a great accompaniment to your delicious dinner. Local restaurants have an interesting feature - large windows, which offer wonderful views of the city, its colorful landscapes and scenic views.

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