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Golfo di Marinella

Golfo di Marinella  - a wonderful city located on the east coast of Sardinia. It is known to tourists for beautiful scenery and interesting sights. For many years the resort has been in great demand among tourists from different countries, and Italy too.

Attractions of the city are represented mainly by constructions of ancient times. The city constructed towers and columns, to protect it from attacks of barbarian tribes. Many of these constructions have been preserved to this day, over time they have acquired the mystery and mystique of previous generations. Also you will be able to see castles and palaces in medieval style. Some of them have been restored, however, they have not lost their beauty and majesty.

Golfo di Marinella is popular among stars and famous politicians of both Europe and Russia. Rich and elite families love it. Once they have appreciated the advantages of this resort they return every year, not wanting to change their place of holidays.

Golf di Marinella you will hit you with an abundance of vegetation. The city is full of charming gardens, marvelous greenhouses and flower beds. Palm trees and flowers make this area a truly heavenly and scenic views of the hills covered with green carpet and the amazing beauty of the beaches do not leave indifferent any tourist.

Beaches in Golfo di Marinella are especially beautiful. They are covered with soft white sand. Every beach has bright umbrellas and sun loungers. There are  opportunities to rent a jet ski or surfboard.

Golf di Marinella provides a range of wonderful hotels with apartments in various styles. Here you will find a suitable accommodation at affordable prices. Urban hotel offers ultra-modern apartments as well as elegant rooms in ethno style. Hotel rooms provide beautiful coastal views and picturesque scenery of the city. They can offer additional services such as spa treatments, massage and beauty services. Also there will be a variety of sports: courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, gyms, yoga rooms and others. Hotel restaurants will delight with delicious cuisine, interesting desserts and fine wines. There is a room service, so you can arrange evening romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one or have breakfast without getting up from bed.

Golfo di Marinella is known for its rolling hills. Using special lifts, you can climb to the highest point of the city and from there enjoy wonderful views of the local countryside, as well as the fantastic beauty of the coastal zone. Breathtaking views, the entire city is visible at a glance.

Golfo di Marinella as a whole is a wonderful resort for stellar families, and for connoisseurs of luxury holiday in beautiful luxurious conditions. City will welcome you in a special warmth and bring pleasant memories.

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Golfo di Marinella

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