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Badesi  - this is a lovely little resort located on the west of Sardinia. Badesi is so popular resort thanks to a pleasant mild climate and beautiful, pristine pure nature. The city has a gentle slope to the sea, which begins and ends in the hills near the sea. Mountain peaks of  Badesi reveal marvelous panorama, from here you can observe the beauty of the mysterious Corsica and the famous bay of Asinara. Coast resort stretches from the shores of Castelsardo, in the west, up to the granite cliffs of Isola Rossa, in the east.

One of the main attractions of Badesi is a beautiful beach that stretches for eight kilometers along the sea. The beach is framed by beautiful sand dunes, and in some places one can seen juniper bushes, arbutus and myrtle. The beautiful nature of the city, pleasant beaches and the evening calm and tranquility, provide a relaxed atmosphere for a break. This town will be particularly pleasant for those who want a break from crowds, works and jobs.

Those who fond of water sports such as windsurfing, kite, water skiing and of course diving will love the town too. Especially nice to sink to the sea floor, where you will be able to easily see all the details of the marine life with its own unspoken rules and laws. Fans of sport fishing will also fancy the town. Every year there are international championships in the sport.

Most of the hotels are located in the quarter of Badesi Marina. Hotels here are presented only with beautiful apartments and luxurious accommodations. Many of the hotels which offer a variety of additional services such as spas, massage rooms, gyms and more. Here in the quarter of Badesi Marina  located majority of nightclubs, restaurants and shops. It would be naive to believe that you can meet only tourists, locals too happy to have fun with holidaymakers.

We would like to mention summer carnival in Badesi, bright and beautiful parade of masks, beautifully decorated chariots, glowing lights and the sea of smiles. Festival is held every year on the night of August 13.

Badesi offers a variety of fine restaurants with delicious cuisine. You will be surprised by reasonable prices in the menu, which in no way affects the quality of food and their ingredients. It’s recommended to take meals with artichokes which are grown right in the town and are very popular because of its taste. The town is proud of its fine wines, which are cultivated for several centuries. Wines of Badesi are very fragrant and delicious, basically, they have a deep, tart taste.

Even Badesi carries a reputation of calm and quiet town, fans of parties will not be bored. In the evening, the city has a whole lot of bars and cafes that offer visitors a wonderful drinks and hot dances after a hot day at the beach. In mid-August, when Italians celebrate Ferragosto, Badesi greets you with a bright and colorful carnival with beautiful dances, shows and fun until morning.

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