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Arborea  - a pretty town located in Sardinia. Even though not being very well known, this city has always been loved by tourists. The rumor about its wonderful conditions for resting is transmitted by word of mouth. The town is famous for its wonderful sights, monuments of art and architecture and bold design solutions, marvelous beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, good climate and many other things.

It is important to note that the nature in Arborea is simply amazing for its diversity and beauty. Strolling through the city seems like you are in heaven: amazing aromas of flowers that are placed everywhere in different shapes and lovely greenhouses.

The city's architecture is represented by the wonderful constructions, mainly in the style of the Middle Ages. Here you can find a variety of beautiful castles and museums, which still keep wonderful illustrations and murals of those times, religious documents, records, and many other historical values. In the center of Arborea is a very beautiful area, around which a few centuries ago, was built a structure, reminiscent columns. These columns defended the city against attacks of neighboring tribes. Since then, they were a little damaged, but after the restoration had become even more well-groomed and beautiful.

The city is located on a rocky terrain at the sea. All hotels are constructed vertically, so if you see the city from a bird's eye, it will be like an interesting intricate staircase, with lots of bright lights. Hotels offer their guests a very comfortable environment. One would never want to leave the hotels of Arborea, it’s so cozy and well here. Local staff will treat you with respect and kindness and do everything possible to keep good memories within you. Each hotel offers a variety of beautiful spacious rooms, with large wide windows that offer views of the sea and rocky mountains. The hotels’ restaurants will give you a wonderful feeling of great national dishes prepared by professional chefs who know the culinary secrets of generations of local residents. In restaurants, you will also be offered a selection of good quality wines, Arborea is particularly famous for wines. In the evenings there is live music, variety of dance events and shows. In the local hotels you will also have the opportunity to play volleyball or basketball, billiards or bowling, practice yoga or go to the gym and swim in the turquoise-blue luxury swimming pool. For those who prefer more seawater there are specially-equipped for a comfortable stay beaches. The whole beach area is divided between the hotels, so you do not meet here dirty and groomed beaches. On the beaches there are also bars and cafes, where vacationers can take refuge in the shade of tents at the bar, while enjoying a refreshing cocktail or a delicious ice cream cool.

Arborea beaches covered with beautiful soft white sand, gentle and pleasant to the touch. Sea water is very comfortable for swimming, the temperature is not too low and not too high, and only the purity of the sea and its nice blue tint, and a fortiori cause aesthetic pleasure.

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