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San Remo

San Remo is a very luxurious, beautiful city in western Liguria. San Remo is famous for its majestic palm trees, picturesque parks with wild vegetation, mostly tropical, and its cozy streets with warm and spiritual atmosphere. The city, among other things, is famous for having lots of boutiques, cars, restaurants, and other attributes of urban life.

San Remo was named the "City of Flowers" because of the very developed here flower industry. The city simply amazes you with an abundance of aromas. Everywhere you will see wonderful greenhouses and flower beds with various ensembles of carnations, roses, buttercups, peonies, tulips, and many others. Flowers of San Remo are exported to many European cities and even the world.

The rapid growth of the city took place in the 19th century; in those days San Remo was filled with a large number of aristocrats from Europe, even from Russia. Mother of Nicholas II, Maria Feodorovna, once found a lot of fans here, and later in these parts of the world his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, loved to vacation. The city has a beautiful Orthodox Church, which takes you back to the days when the city was inhabited by representatives of the Russian nobility. The church has typical for Russian churches onion-domes.

The city is always full of different sounds, it is always in motion: you can hear the buzz of a scooter, voices of Italian women, and excited sighs of tourists. Most of all tourists love San Remo festivals, which are always exciting and joyful.

The heart of the city used to be La Pignia, which in translation means "pinecone". This is the area north of Corso Matteotti, the main street of San Remo.

Christ the Savior Cathedral or simply Russian Church (Chiesa Russa) is a real decoration of the city. It stands proudly spa, glistening in the sun with its wonderful domes. The church was built in accordance with the developments of the architect A. V. Shchusev, who later created the design of the Lenin mausoleum in Moscow. But it was the architect Pietro Agosti who supervised the construction of the church. The church is ornately decorated with tiles and carvings, and nearby you can see the bell tower with an unusual pavilion roof. The church hosts an amazing exhibition of Russian Orthodox icons. It attracts many visitors because the church has a special spirit of holiness. Most of all, this landmark is popular among Russian tourists.

Not far from the church is a well-known Casino San Remo which was built in 1905 and since then, for over 100 years now, many businessmen and just adventurous people lose fortunes here, although there are some lucky ones who win hefty sums.

You should also definitely visit Villa of Alfred Nobel. He was a Swedish chemist, an experimenter, and just a businessman who has lived in San Remo at the end of his fascinating life. Currently, there are frequent tours at the villa, where the guide tells you about the life of Nobel and interesting events at his estate.

In San Remo there is another interesting Villa, Villa Hanbury, which is known for its marvelously beautiful botanical garden. The garden features 5,800 tropical plants, and it looks like paradise that came down from heaven to earth.

We also recommend you visiting the City Museum. It is not that big, but there are some interesting things to see here. The ceilings of the museum are decorated with beautiful frescoes. A local guide will tell you about prehistoric archaeological excavations and discoveries that were carried out in the vicinity of the museum. The building often hosts art exhibitions. Of all paintings here, especially interesting is the work by Maurizio Carrega "Gloria di San Napoleone", which was painted in 1808 for Napoleon Bonaparte. Also you will enjoy the statues of Franco Bargiggia – their stateliness and grandeur impresses even people who are not into art.

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