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Diano Marina

Diano Marina, very popular resort in Liguria, is located on the Gulf of Diano, which is known for its panoramic views. Tourists come here from all over the world. In this lovely town coexist harmoniously ancient monuments and modern buildings and luxury shops, many hotels and restaurants.  People here preserve traditions and ancient secrets, such as olive oil, already famous in the thirteenth century.

Most of the shops are located in the district Paradiso. In the many restaurants of Diano Marina are served delicious food at reasonable prices, good meat and seafood, high quality wines and delicious dessert.

Sportsmen can do scuba diving, surfing and boat excursions to visit the natural habitat of whales, dolphins and other marine animals.

The origins of Diano Marina date back to the Paleolithic Age and the Iron Age, as evidenced by archaeological findings in this area. About 200 A.C. the Romans built a village that became an important urban settlement.

Around the eleventh century arrived here the Benedictine Monks from Piedmont. They devoted themselves  to agriculture and especially  the cultivation of olives

In the history of Diano Marina there are then the alliance with Genoa in 1275, the membership of the House of Savoy and the Napoleonic  period in which it was declared the Chief Town of the Canton Department.

The disastrous earthquake of 1887 destroyed the city. It was then rebuilt assuming the aspect that we know today, one of the most beautiful  tourist areas of the Ligurian Coast.

One of the oldest churches is the church of Saints Nazario and Celso . The church is located in the archaeological area of Prato Fiorito, where Roman settlements were found.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Cathedral of S.Antonio Abate  in neoclassic  style. Inside there are some frescoes and a majestic marble altar, that create an atmosphere of divinity and holiness.

Near Diano Marina there is a small village in which are preserved the typical  ancient houses.

There are also three towers that date back to the Middle Ages. Here there is the museum of ancient  weapons. Next to the museum there is the chapel of Santa Barbara built in neo-Gothic style.

Diano Marina has beautiful sandy beaches. The promenade is the meeting point of the city. In the Evening there are street markets, events, music,  games for children.

It is very nice to do a walking tour through the city, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with its parks and orange groves,  with its flowers that especially during carnival decorate the whole city.

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