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Arenzano is a small town on the Ligurian  Riviera, a tourist resort for those who love a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It is very beautiful and it  is famous for its flowers, it is also called the “Riviera of Flowers”.

The origins of Arenzano date back to the first centuries after Christ, in the late imperial era. The main activities were fishing and agriculture. In the following centuries the village became more and more important and in the Middle Ages it was already one of the most important in northern Italy. At that time it began to build beautiful castles and villas, most of which have survived to this day.  Very important for the development of the city was the railway, built in the 19th century.

The tourism industry is one of the most important source of income for the local population. Here you can find all the necessary conditions for a perfect holiday. The beach, the sea rich in flora and fauna  that make diving particularly attractive and suggestive. You can go  horseback riding  or rent a bicycle to explore the city  and enjoy its  scenic  landscapes.

The nature here is simply wonderful: majestic mountains covered with fragrant  pine trees, olive groves and citrus trees.

Arenzano is famous for its historical sites and monuments. The Baroque church of St.Nazaire and Kelsen was severely damaged during the war, it was later restored but many original parts have been lost. Interesting  are also the church of St.Bartolomeo, which has preserved the treasure of the XVI century and the church of the Annunziata delle Olivere.

Very visited is the Sanctuary  of Gesù Bambino di Praga that attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Villa Negrotto Cambiago is a beautiful villa built at the end of the 19th century and it is situated in the middle of a wonderful park, created by renowned Italian architects.

You can access the park via three entrances. In the park there are plants that are considered of botanical rarities and very big common trees.

Here you can see different species of birds, peacocks, turtles, and goldfish.

The old and the new part of the park blend harmoniously.

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