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Alassio is a nice, elegant town located in the Western Ligurian Riviera, it is one of the most beautiful resort towns of the shore of the Ligurian Sea. Alassio is famous for its beautiful beaches, equipped with all comfort to ensure tourists a pleasant holiday. There are also, restaurants, clubs and discos where young people can spend pleasant evenings.

The city is located directly at the foot of the Alps, it is surrounded by natural beauty, like trees, flowers, gardens. With its wonderful  beaches, almost four kilometers of  white fine sand, with many beach establishments, is the ideal destination for fans of the sea and sun. Alassio is located in a beautiful bay of the Ligurian Sea, named “Golfo Del Sole”

According to the  legend, the name Alassio comes from Adelasia, daughter of Emperor Otto I. She fell in love with a squire and fled with him in the mountains.  Her father loved her very much and accepted her choice, he gave her a territory in Italy where later was built the town of Alassio.

In the XVI century the city was influenced by the republic of Genova  .It was surrounded by walls to protect them from attacks by pirates. At that time the city began its rapid development.

In the XIX century the city became very famous as Health Resort. According to the opinion of a German doctor,  mild climate, its crystal clear waters, as well as the fresh sea air, had positive effects on human health. In consequence of this  began to arrive here first British, then the Europeans, and later tourists from all over the globe.

One of the  most interesting monuments to visit is the Church of Sant'Ambrogio dating from the eleventh century. This church  was built on the site of an ancient church. It was then rebuilt and expanded since the fifteenth century. Renaissance front dates bach to 1896. Near the church there is the bell tower in Romanesque-Gothic style.

Other monuments are the Church of Sant'Anna ai Monti  erected by the Benedictines in 940, the Sanctuary  of Nostra Signora  della Guardia  erected between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, The Saracen tower that dates back to the sixteenth century

Very visited is the Wall of Alassio, built in 1591 and renovated in more recent times. On the wall there are the names of famous people who have stayed in Alassio, first of all Hemingway

In Alassio you will find many hotels that give their guests a feeling of comfort and satisfaction,  restaurants, equipped beaches with everything you need, playgrounds, boat rental and yacht, beautiful tennis courts, swimming pools, all necessary conditions for a nice holiday.

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  • Grand Hotel Alassio

    The grand hotel “Alassio” is an extremely comfortable five-star hotel, located in the heart of the town Allasio. The windows of the rooms offer magnificent views of the Ligurian Sea and the high mountains. The rooms are equipped with the latest technologies in a contemporary …

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    Hotel Ristorante Toscana

    The hotel “Toscana” is a versatile hotel, which includes a restaurant. The hotel is located in the suburbs of Alassio, that is why it will take you only 1-2 minutes to get to the beach. The hotel “Toscana” features a modern wellness centre with a …

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    Grand Hotel Spiaggia

    The four-star hotel “Grand Spiaggia” is characterised by the strategically advantageous location, it is located near the railway station of Alassio and world-famous Columbus Airport. Within the territory of the hotel, there is the garden, where the guests of the hotel are served with buffets …

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    Grand Hotel Mediterranee

    High quality of service, combined with sophisticated, elegant forms, so can describe the four-star hotel Grand Mediterranee. The hotel is in an amazingly beautiful location, right on the coast of the Ligurian Sea in Alassio. The hotel is a few kilometers from the border of …

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    Hotel Europa & Concordia

    Enjoy your stay with the four-star hotel “Europa & Concordia”. The hotel is located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, in the heart of the picturesque resort town Alassio. Within a walking distance from the hotel “Europa & Concordia”, there are the main tourist …

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    Al Saraceno Hotel

    On the territory of the resort town Alassio, there is the four-star hotel “Al Saraceno”. The seafront is only 50 metres from the hotel, to be more precise, within a two-minute walk therefrom. The rooms of the hotel are equipped with the latest technologies: air conditioners, …

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    Hotel Tirreno

    Do you want to experience the unparalleled atmosphere of warmth and comfort? Then you definitely need to stay at the hotel “Tirreno”. The hotel is located in the picturesque town Alassio, not far from the sea. The hotel features a private equipped beach. The clean …

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    Hotel Nuovo Suisse

    Unsurpassed quality of service, courteous staff and a sophisticated Italian style – all these features are perfectly blended in the hotel “Nuovo Suisse”. The hotel is an ancient very beautiful art nouveau building, located in Alassio. There is a sandy beach near the hotel, where …

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    Hotel Curtis Centrale

    If you want to have a rest in the calm relaxed atmosphere, welcome to the hotel “Curtis Centrale”. The hotel is located a few meters away from the clean blue sea and the beach (the guests of the hotel are provided with discounts). You can …

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    Hotel Garden

    In case you want to have a memorable vacation, stay in the green area of Alassio at the three-star hotel “Garden”. Just a few meters away from the hotel, there is the beautiful well-appointed sandy beach; within the territory of the hotel, there is the …

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