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Terracina is one of the main cities of the Riviera di Ulisse. The city is full of a variety of shops, clubs, bars, discos and other entertainment venues, which are located primarily along the Gulf.

Terracina is widely known for its beautiful beaches, equipped with all the necessary equipment. The beach stretches for 15 kilometers along the coast. Outskirts of the town of Terracina is known for its luxurious villas, surrounded by beautiful gardens. The local air is widely known for its healing properties, after the city of Acapulco is in second place on the content of iodine in the air. Many tourists come here for the purpose of improvement of the respiratory tract.

Terracina appeared in the IX century BC, and only after 150 years there was Rome. Terracina quickly catch the moment in its development due to the fact that it is on the way from Rome to Naples, this path was called the Appian Way. Terracina has also became one of the most important ports of Lazio. This geographical position very well contribute to the prosperity of the city, its development in material terms and even develop its cultural values.

The first inhabitants of Terracina were nomadic tribes of Indo-Europeans, later lived here warriors of Sparta. They contributed to a marked expansion of the city. Since that time, the city began to be transformed, to build new houses, architecture, historical sites and more. The rapid development of the city continued until the Middle Ages. Residence Dad lived in Terracina to the XIX century, there was a significant event in the history - the election of Pope Urban II. It was the only pope selected outside the Vatican, the election took place in the Cathedral of Terracina.

By this time, the city was already erected a defensive fortress, several churches, watch towers and other important facilities for the city.

In Terracina are many wonderful restaurants  with delicious food and friendly atmosphere. Of particular interest is the restaurant "Saint Patrick", which is famous for its elegant wines and romantic atmosphere as well as a special room, where gentlemen can make a marriage proposal her lover.

Also known restaurant in Terracina Tryon, its design is made in the old style. The building of the restaurant many years ago lived Roman nobles, they are still resembles mosaics, which still adorns the floor of the restaurant.

In pastry shops serving delicious ice cream and desserts. On the beach tavern you find delicious fresh seafood for reasonable prices.

Terracina appreciate, by the way, not only lovers of ancient architecture. In the modern city you can find plenty of modern entertainment places.

Mostly famous for Terracina its beautiful sandy beaches. City offers its guests a holiday at the highest level: the beautiful sea, the warm sand, combined in a first class hotel will give you unforgettable emotions and the pleasure of relaxation.

On the beaches of Terracina you can find any kind of water sports. There are many trips to water park where you can see by your own eyes underwater world.

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  • Torre Del Sole

    The comfortable four-star hotel “Torre Del Sole” features a private beach and is just a short drive from the resort town Terracina. The guests of the hotel can go on an unforgettable trip by boat to the amazingly beautiful islands of Ponza and Ventotene. The hotel …

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    Albergo Mediterraneo

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    Hotel Albatros

    Straight lines, high quality service, fine cuisine, we are talking about a four-star Hotel Albatros, which is situated in the center of Terracina, near the sea and the picturesque waterfront. The hotel opened not so long ago, in 2005, and has already gained great popularity …

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    Grand Hotel Palace

    A cosy homely atmosphere, high quality service, unrivalled cuisine – welcome to the four-star grand hotel “Palace”, which is located on the coast of Terracina, a few metres from the ancient Temple of Jupiter Anxur. Within walking distance of the hotel, there is a port …

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    Grand Hotel L'Approdo

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    Hotel River Palace

    Enjoy a magical unforgettable experience with the cosy light hotel “River Palace”, which is located near the resort town San Felice Circeo and the famous Circeo National Park in the central part of Terracina. Free parking is available for the guests who arrive at the …

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    Hotel Poseidon

    Fancy shapes, high quality service and a sophisticated Italian style – let us introduce you the hotel “Poseidon”, which imitates the design of a ship. The hotel is located near the seashore of the town Terracina, famous for its golden beaches. There are a lot …

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    Hotel Il Guscio

    The combination of the exquisite taste and the unsurpassed quality of service, we are talking about the hotel “Il Guscio”. It is located in the central part of the town Terracina, a few meters from the seaside and the sandy beach. You can get to …

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    Villa Dei Principi Hotel

    The Hotel Villa dei Principi is surrounded by a large green surroundings directly on the sea, is located on the Riviera di Ulisse, and since 1997 is family-run hotel and offers hospitality and friendly service, which allow you to live a dream vacation lulled by …

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