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Sperlonga - one of the most beautiful resorts in the Tyrhenian Sea. Sperlonga impresses with its spectacular views, beautiful scenery and charming atmosphere, which is surrounded by the city. Sperlonga has its own unique charm, which creates a neat white buildings, beautiful arches connecting the small narrow alleys and all the colors of the city, which was in transitions bright blue.

Of the local culinary masterpieces here is certainly worth a try cheese "Mozzarella di Bufalo", which produced here from the same cow's milk. The taste of cheese is very juicy and tender, with him often prepared by a special recipe pizza, cheese pizza gives a special taste.

In Sperlonga are nice restaurants where you can enjoy their favorite Italian dishes and wines to enjoy local cooking.

Sperlonga is located in the province, called Latina, known to many for its beautiful views and landscapes. Just a few kilometers from the city there are quite a few famous Gaeta, Terracina, forms and other resorts. Sperlonga has not many persons that live there, about 3300, but every summer, due to the large influx of tourists, the number of residents increased by several times. Sperlonga has always been famous for the large influx of people who for many years have chosen for themselves as purely local beaches, with all necessary equipment, first-class hotels, rosy-hosting. There are many interesting places to go and carefree, easy to spend time, receiving a lot of positive emotions. Restaurants, discos, entertainment centers cheerfully greeted every visitor. During the season, all coming youngsters going along Via Flaccus, a place where are most institutions.

Very prominent landmark is the cave of Tiberius. It is located not far from Sperlonga, in a radius of one kilometer. There was once a villa of the Emperor Tiberius, directly above the cave, they now constitute a single architectural monument. The Emperor often spent time here alone, lost in thought. There were collected many works of art of the time.

Sperlonga has Archaeological National Museum. It was founded in the second half of the previous century. The museum has a very significant sculptures, artifacts of historical significance, many of them were found during excavations in 1957.

In the city is very convenient to walk due to the fact that it is not very large, but we must not forget that one of the features of the town is the large number of beautiful staircases that make tourists but also periodically to rise, making physical activity, which, however , it will only benefit.

Sperlonga known two centers, one of which is located on top of the city, there is a beautiful view of the city, where you can visit some cozy restaurant and enjoy the panorama; The second center is a coastline promenade, it is located at the foot.

The resort will be the easiest way to get from Rome or Naples. The best way how to get to Sperlonga and then by foot. If you do not travel by foot, you can travel by car, local street permit. The only exception is the historical center, located on a hill.

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