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San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo (San Felice Circeo) - a small town that impresses visitors with its beauty. It is located in the province of Latina, only 100 kilometers from the capital of Italy. San Felice is located on the mountain, 98 meters above the sea level. The city consists of two parts: the first is located at the peak of the mountain, while the second extends above.
Once upon a time San Felice was located only on the mountain, however, like many other Italian cities. This is explained very simply, the city was thus unavailable to the conquerors.

In San Felice has a small number of persons. In winter there are not crowded at all, but in summer it attracts not only Italians but also tourists from many other countries. After passing through the city in the holiday season, do not immediately realize that you are in Italy, so often you can hear foreign language.


In San Felice vacationers, instead of hotels, often rent a small house during the holidays. Private industry in the city are firms engaged in the selection of suitable accommodation for tourists. It is very convenient, as they help to choose the most profitable option, whether in the city or on the coast. The city also has a good hotel for those who like more to stay at the hotel. In San Felice widely developed agritourism.

In the "mountain" city is a lot of restaurants, which offer wonderful eyes seascapes and scenic coastal views. It offers a huge selection of restaurants with delicious dishes typical of these places: fresh seafood, meat dishes and of course, pizza.

In hot weather, you will appreciate the delicious ice cream, which is made by home recipe, it is called "gelato artigianale." Also, tourists will be interesting to look into local bakery that delight its abundance of cakes and pastries.

For those who are not afraid of long walks, be sure to climb the "Peak Kirkja", is the highest point on the Cape. From here you can contemplate the dome of St. Peter's in the Vatican, as well as the volcano Vesuvius.


One of the spectacular sights of the city is the park of Circeo. It was founded back in 1934. Here you can take a walk or ride a bike, but some places in the park require a special permit to travel.

For diving enthusiasts there are organized special dive tours. Sunk to the seabed, you can enjoy spectacular views of the underwater world, to observe the marine flora and fauna, as well as to see the famous statue of Jesus Christ, made of bronze and immersed in his time at the bottom of the sea.

Diving enthusiasts can enjoy a dive tour and see the bronze statue of Christ, dive to the bottom of the sea. The statue was lowered into the water April 25, 1992, its height is 1.80 meters and weighs 3.5 tons. Each year, everyone who wants to help in the preservation of the statue in its original form, can descend to a depth of 18 meters, to clean it.

In Mount San Felice there are many caves where you can go on a tour. Legend has it that one of them even lives sorceress "Magician Kirkja" many tourists curious to come here to experience the mystery of this place.

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