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Gaeta - cozy town, which is located in the harbor of the Tyrrhenian Sea, one of the most popular on the Riviera de Ulysses. The city has a rich history, it was inhabited as early as the VIII century BC, when the Trojan hero Aeneas battles found in these parts their refuge.  Throughout its history the city has undergone many wars, was a victim of the barbarian hordes, survived the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and even he was the residence of the king.

Different epochs and events have left their mark on the architecture of Gaeta. Ever since the days of the Roman Empire are the ruins of the water and defensive structures. Also in town is an old fortress built in the Middle Ages, which in those days served as a barracks and even a prison.

The city is known for its old castle, which was built in the VI century. The castle consists of two parts: Anjou, which was built by the French and the Argonne, who served in the XVI century residence of King Charles V. Today, the building is known as the Nautical School.

In the center of Gaeta stands the Cathedral, which was built in the XII century. The Cathedral is a prime example of Gothic architecture of the time. In the Cathedral survives to this day candle, which depicts the life of Jesus Christ. Also of particular value is the Cathedral of St. Francis, at the entrance to the cathedral erected a statue of a monk, according to legend, he was guarded by Gaeta invasions and other ills.

Gaeta is famous for its cathedral and still Annutsiaty. This is a beautiful graceful structure always leaves the tourists indifferent. Near the cathedral is an ancient chapel, built on the rock, which broke away from the mountain Orlando. Gaeta residents called the chapel "Golden Grotto."

From the foot of Mount Orlando originates Cape Monte Orlando, he is famous for its beautiful park located in the center. The park is a favorite destination not only tourists but also locals.

Gaeta is famous not only for its historical monuments of culture, but also the beautiful beaches. Tourists can enjoy here the sea and the warm sun. Beaches are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. Along the coast are also the waters that are protected by the World Organization of environmentalists.

The unique climate Gaeta creates an atmosphere of paradise on earth. There's always sunny, but there is no sweltering heat, the weather has as sunbathing on the beach, as well as to explore the city. Beach season starts in May and can last until October. Beautiful sea pleases with crystal clarity.

Italian food lovers can look forward to a special surprise. Gaeta is known worldwide for its delicious food, this "Oliva di Gaeta," "White pizza", tomatoes, lettuce, chicory “Puntarella”, anchovies and salsiccia Alchi salad, cooked in white wine with coriander. Excellent gourmet cuisine of these products can be tasted in local restaurants, which are particularly attractive to its worthy ratio of delicious dishes and reasonable prices. All restaurants Gaeta pleased with its comfort and warm atmosphere.

Gaeta meets all its tourists with love and warmth inherent in all Italian resorts.

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