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Formia - town in the region of Lazio, it is located in the beautiful bay of the Mediterranean Sea. Formia inherited many architectural monuments and rich history.
Form - a resort for those who like to relax and not think about nothing on vacation. Sometimes it seems that the movement in slow motion if removed, all is going on smoothly, quietly, gradually. Tourists come here to escape from all worldly things, home and work problems. Formia marks the eternal siesta, there is no hurry, but always have time, even though the fact that the form - a port city located near Rome.

Nevertheless, in the form of a very developed infrastructure, there are a lot of entertainment centers. There is also possibility to dive on the seabed to see firsthand all the beauty of the underwater world.

Cheerfully welcome you city restaurants, cafes and bars. It offers a highly skilled chefs who prepare special recipes delicious Italian dishes. By tradition, it is recommended to try seafood, pasta with sauce, beef or mutton, in any performance, and, of course, pizza.

However, the form is not for lovers of club parties and dance till the morning. At night form provides another equally attractive vacation - walking in the moonlight, enjoying the gentle sound of the surf and refreshing smell of the sea. At night the city is strewn with lights and sounds like a place out of a fairy tale.

As a souvenir, tourists can buy here rosary of rare tree species that have been made ​​by hand. Also here you can buy dishes, reflecting the local flavor, pasta of different colors, house wines, cheeses, nuts, sweet chestnuts, various spices and herbs and much more.
Formia very honors traditions of the city.  In the entire history of forms, the city was ruled by the Romans and barbarians and the Byzantines and the French.
It is very influenced by the architecture and culture of the city. Here preserved to this day quarters, with stately, but faded buildings. Marine Mola and medieval Kastalone - two ancient quarter, which characterizes the shape of a special charm and mystique. Here, every building is fraught with stories of the past, which are stored outside the walls of buildings.

The clock tower and the tower of St. Erasmus - the two most important attractions in the forms. It is also very attractive former royal palace, which was built back in the XV century for the King Ferdinand II. Today, the tower has become a hotel complex.

What is also very noticeable in the form of the tomb of outstanding thinker and Emperor of the Roman Empire Cicero. He died here in the form of still in the I century BC.

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