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Cesenatico is an Italian town, situated in the region of Emilia-Romagna, on the seaside of the Adriatic Sea. This lovely seaside town is located near the touristic town of Rimini. Particular interest of tourists in this town is Ship Museum that is housed in the open channel designed by Leonardo da Vinci. There is also a famous restaurant LidoLido,nearby  the coast of the sea.

This wonderful cityport was founded in 1302 and it is considered the best area for fishing on the Adriatic coast. Cesenatico started to be a resort in the late XIX century, thanks to the opening of the railway connection between the towns of Rimini and Ravenna. Now it is a tourist place with a well-developed infrastructure,  apartments, campsites, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, golf courses, parks, etc.

In Cesenatico you can relax thanks to the magnificent beaches, interesting excursions and of course the delicious local cuisine.

Luxury sandy beaches stretch in Cesenatico for 7 kilometers. There are more than 350 hotels, most of them are on the front line of the sea. The most famous beaches are Levante, Villamarina, Ponente, Belvedere and Zadina. Water here is very clean and the sand is made of gold shimmer. The quality and safety of water is under control of a special service, conducting analyzes of water daily. Most of the beaches are for fee. For a small fee, sun beds, umbrellas, showers, toilets, and of course plenty of entertainment such as a children's pool, gym, an outdoor playground, etc. There is also free area where you can relax without fee.

The main attraction of the city is the old canal, situated in the heart of the Borgo, where there are beautiful houses of fishermen. The channel has been designed for more than five centuries ago by a famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. There is also a museum of ancient ships. The exhibits of the museum moored in the port on the open air, they are fully equipped with fishing gear. Among the exhibits are cargo ships and boats of 19-20 centuries.

In the building you can admire the Antiquarium exhibition devoted to the daily life of the local population during the reign of the Roman Empire. Here you can visit the exposition of archaeological finds.

Nearby is the house-museum Marino Moretti - the famous Italian poet from Cesenatico. This building was the focus of the literature of the 20th century. The interior of the house has remained almost untouched.

Finally, you can go to the Cannery Museum, where you can visit the oldest refrigerators, as well as the deep wells of conical shape servants in ancient times for storing fish.

In the eastern part of Cesenatico, on 40-acres, extends a magnificent  green oasis  covered with thickets of oaks, pines and pines, with two small lakes inhabited by the royal swans, ducks and fish. This beautiful park is the perfect place for a walk with the whole family. There is a playground for children.

In the western part of Cesenatico,there is another park, smaller, covering only 13 hectares. It is located near the beach Zadina. The park has a large sports field, a great picnic area, children's playground, a routes for cyclists and BMX fans. In summer there are musical performances and festivals.

In Cesenatico there are the best restaurants of the entire region, specializing in sea food. Along the central promenade near the cana, there are more than 15 different restaurants and pizzerias.

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