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Well known beach resort Rimini Riviera includes a small resort town of Cattolica. It is famous to Italian tourists as well to vacationers from other countries. Cattolica is located on the border of Romagna and Marche, in a small bay among the picturesque hills, 20 km from Rimini. Once upon a time it was an ordinary, nothing noticeable,  fishing town and now it is a well-known tourist center.

This town is rightly called the "Queen of the Adriatic". At the beginning of the last century in Cattolica spent their holidays exclusively the Italian aristocracy, and only in 1960 it became open to all tourists.

Nowadays, Cattolica offers comfortable facilities for families. This is a very calm place, where you can have a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and enjoy the beautiful views and the wonderful sea. The main attraction of the town is the aquapark "Le Navi", a unique complex, which attracts thanks to its architecture and of course the exhibition of the history of navigation and collection of marine fauna. Cattolica is located near  Rimini, where there are two aquaparks.

Cattolica is also famous for other attractions such as “Museo Della Regina” dedicated to archeology and seamanship, “Teatro Della Regina” a well-known theater”, fountain Danzanti and the newly built marina La Darsena.

Cattolica is very well located, allowing tourists to go on an excursion to nearby cities, such as Ravenna and Rimini, as well as in the small state of San Marino.

The beaches of this town spread out on 3 kilometers along the coast. Incredibly nice holiday in Cattolica is create  by the gentle waters of the Adriatic Sea and the coarse clean sand. In the holiday season hotels are crowded of  tourists that love this town for its comfort and pleasant friendly atmosphere.

Romantic streets and elegant shops give a special charm to Cattolica . In winter and early spring  there is time for shopping, almost all the shops with well-known international brands announce season discounts, and tourists can buy the original stuff from famous brands at very affordable prices.

Cattolica is proud of its local dolphinarium, became important thanks to the opening of the new dolphin nursery in 1993. Dolphinarium pleases tourists with its wonderful shows. Theatrical performance involving dolphins and other marine animals do not leave anyone indifferent. Not far from the dolphinarium is the biggest disco in Europe - Baia Imperiale. It attracts young people from all over the world. Baia Imperiale is known for all their entertainment shows and dance until the morning.

Cattolica citizens are very proud of the purity of its streets and parks. Thanks to the rules of ecology and purity of Cattolica each year is awarded with the blue flag of the EU, which is a huge plus for tourists.

Every year in Cattolica are hold  many festivals. One of the most important is Festival of Flowers , it opens beach season in Cattolica. Celebration takes place on the Piazza Roosevelt in late spring. There is also held annually Championship of deep sea fishing, "Day of Surfing" and other memorable events and holidays.

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