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Over the last few centuries beautiful resorts in Italy beckon tourists with its marvelous scenery and excellent facilities for recreation. Among them one city, won the hearts of many writers, poets, artists and composers. This lovely place Ravello (Ravello), located in the shady groves of citrus trees on a small hill. It is believed that Ravello embodies the paradise between sky and sea.

Ravello founded by the Romans back in the V century. The place where the city is located, was not chosen by chance, its geographical position contributed to protection from attacks of barbarian tribes and helped develop, what were very eager to urban residents.
By the IX century Ravello was a member of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi and Salerno principality, which gave him a new round development, and in 1086 the city became the residence of the bishops. By the XII century the town was built up the wonderful palaces, created by Arab architects, as well as villas aristocracy.

But by the middle of the XII century Ravello Pisans destroyed and the city began to resemble the ruins of the magnificent kingdom. Its residents got over to the neighboring towns, and even today, the city's population is not large.

The city was empty until the XIX century and has regained life when talented writers and artists of the time caught the beauty and majesty of the tragic and began to praise him in his works. For example, in the famous "Decameron" D.Bokachcho city devotes a whole chapter, and composer Grieg were written in Ravello his best plays. In London's Tate Gallery are paintings of landscapes of the city, written by the great artist U.Ternerom.

As the years passed and the surviving palaces and villas of Ravello were gradually converted into a luxury hotel, with beautiful apartments, excellent conditions for leisure and magical landscapes, revealing from the windows of the rooms.
One of the striking sights of the city - building "Palazzo Sasso". This palace once belonged to a family of aristocrats named Sasso, who are descendants of the founders of the Knights of Malta. Subsequently, the building was renovated, what was spent a lot of effort, but it was worth it, since managed to preserve the medieval architecture of the castle, while strengthening the building and recreate all the missing details. Today it is the property and its antique items such as furniture, wall paintings and other create a special atmosphere of the Middle Ages here and emphasize the grandeur and nobility being included in the people here leisure. The hotel features an ancient chapel, a fine restaurant Rossellini, with a huge collection of amazing wines, private swimming pool and other details, giving it aristocracy. "Palazzo Sasso" in great demand among individuals in politics, pop stars and other celebrities, no wonder it is considered the best in Italy.

In addition to the wonderful hotels, palaces in the city can be found at least comfortable and luxurious modern hotels. They are distinguished by excellent service, comfortable conditions for recreation, wonderful staff and all necessary equipment. The rooms have a food delivery service, so you can enjoy fresh coffee in the morning after drinking it, not getting out of bed, and in the evening a romantic dinner alone with your loved one. Restaurants which offer excellent dishes of national Italian cuisine, local chefs will prepare a special professionalism, giving the refined taste and zest to every dish. In the evenings, the hotels there are various interesting parties, where you can have fun with the company or to meet new nice people. Parties are held by professionals, animators, so every time they have an original and novelty shows.

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  • Hotel Villa Maria

    The comfortable four-star hotel “Villa Maria” is located in a comfortable quiet place – in Ravello; the windows of the hotel offer stunning views of the beautiful coastline. The hotel is an old elegant building that was once the Roman nobleman’s villa. The sophisticated spacious rooms …

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    Hotel Giordano

    The comfortable four-star hotel “Giordano” is a beautiful 19th-century villa surrounded by greenery; it is located close to the famous Duomo di Ravello. The hotel is immersed in ancient magnolia trees; you can sunbathe and enjoy this unique atmosphere in the shade of the trees …

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