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Positano is a resort town on the Amalfi Coast. The city is nestled in the foothills of the Lattari, which protects it from the northern winds and creates a warm and soft climate. Positano is situated on the southern part of the peninsula of Sorrento. This town is considered one of the best resorts in Italy. It is very beautiful with its bright colored houses and orange groves, and hotels and houses are built so close to each other that people can communicate looking out of the windows of their apartments.

According to a legend, Poseidon, the God of the sea created Positano he devoted this cozy place to his lovely Pazitee, in whose honor the city was named. In the great work of Homer, "Odyssey" Galli islands are mentioned, which are located off the coast of Positano. It was here in ancient times, where according to the author, sirens lived.

When the Roman Empire fell, Positano became part of the territory of the sea republic of Amalfi. At that time the city was rapidly developing - trade and shipbuilding flourished, monetary currency emerged. In the same period, watchtowers were built to protect the city against Saracen pirates. Many of them have survived to this day.

In the Middle Ages the city's development has halted, but by the 13th century it resumed with renewed vigor. New villas and palaces were built in the Baroque style. After the World War I, the residents of Italy, tired of fighting and destruction were looking for a quiet place to vacation and relax and Positano became such a place.

The city beaches are mostly covered with dark and fine sand. The most famous beach is called Spiaggia Grande. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and parasols for comfortable sunbathing. Other nice beaches are Spiaggia del Fornilo, Arienzo, Ciumicello and La Porta.

Local cuisine in the restaurants is represented mainly with seafood and dishes made of vegetables and fruits. Dishes are served with various sauces and spices, which are abundant in the area.

Especially prized in restaurants is delicious Italian pasta. It is served with one of the famous Italian cheeses. By the way, it is believed that beloved Mozzarella cheese was created first by the residents of Positano.

We would also like to mention pizza "Margarita” which was first made here and which is so loved by people all around the world. The story of this pizza is very interesting and unique: it was created for the visit of the Queen Margherita of Savoy in the late 19th century.

Desserts in Positano are prepared in a special way. They are covered with various toppings such as honey, fruit syrups, and even wine. You can sample these wonderful culinary delights in any restaurant in the city, there is a whole lot of them in Positano so you are sure to find a place to your liking.

Positano has very nice beaches, which are particularly loved by tourists coming here. The beaches are equipped with everything you need to have a great time. Also, on the coast you can try out various water sports, such as kite surfing or diving. Diving here is particularly interesting because the underwater world amazes with its beauty and grace.

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