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Minori - a wonderful little town, which is located on the Gulf of Salerno, just 5 km from Amalfi. Minori affectionately called the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. The city has the title of the resort since ancient times, where many centuries ago, liked to rest representatives of the Roman nobility.

In this wonderful city very well there is an atmosphere of all historical occurred here events. Walking around the city, you will get acquainted with its main sights and history of their appearance. In the Middle Ages minor is admiralty and maritime arsenal of Amalfi Republic, and from 987 to 1818, he was the bishops and religious center of Italy. It is, in other matters, and can be seen by the large number of churches, monasteries and towers built in the city.

Kitchen Minori - it certainly delicious seafood, with a variety of sauces and side dishes, the most common of them - this Italian pasta. Great demand here for a local delicacy - fish baked in a special way, in salt. Another very popular here homemade pasta with seafood and ravioli with lobster sauce with asparagus. Restaurants will pamper you with a wonderful dessert, for example, homemade ice cream, made ​​exclusively from natural ingredients, as well as figs filled with nuts and chocolate and drizzled with lemon cream original. Here, it is important that a lot, you can have lunch or dinner is not expensive, but very tasty. Kitchen Minori will not leave anyone indifferent.
The city has two public beaches, the entrance to which is free, and three private beaches. The beaches are equipped with the necessary equipment, please magnificent sea, gentle sand and beautiful scenery. Some beaches are lined with pebbles.
Sea water is crystal clear, and all this because it is subject to specific purification. Special cleaning systems make it transparent, devoid of any slime and other algae, as the water is clean from germs, so you can safely swim here without fear for their children and for themselves.

Minori is famous for its lovely little streets, which are decorated with lemon and orange trees, shrubs and roses. The city has a special atmosphere, which conceals the ancient secrets and mysteries of the history of the city of previous generations. That is why the resort is not only interesting for tourists miss a rest on the sea, but also archaeologists and historians.
The city is the Roman Villa - a very entertaining archaeological complex, which contains viridarium (open gallery), and the wonderful mosaics. At Villa Romana also found triclinium-nymphaeum, many tourists come here to see it firsthand.

Has survived in the Basilica of the Holy Trofimov, which was built in the XII century. Here are very valuable masterpieces. In the center Minore also a small museum with ancient amphoras. You can, in addition, to see ancient finds, which belong to the I century BC, at the Museum of Antiquaries.

In the Cathedral you will find historical paintings, painted by Mark from Siena and Sabatini. There is also a marble pulpit, created in 1616, and the well-known cave, preserved the relics of Saint Trophimus. Attraction Minori especially pleased tourists with its mystery and majesty.

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