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Maiori (Maiori) - a charming resort town, which is located on the Amalfi Coast, it is 60 km from Naples, on the shore of a beautiful bay called Salerno, near the source of the river Regina Mayor. The city is particularly well combined old building and modern elements. Beautiful white houses, luxury villas and mansions, towers with gilded domes, beautiful nature, represented by the marvelous beauty of trees and fragrant flowers.

Historians disagree over the city. Some sources claim that the Major was founded by the ancient Greeks, the Romans considered the founder of others, well, others - Prince Sicard, who came to this area centuries ago. Thus, up to now it has not reached a single reliable source of the origin of the city.

However, we know that the city was founded in ancient times and in those days was the most important port of Amalfi. In the Middle Ages Maiori was considered maritime center of Amalfi. It is here that all the ammunition, the headquarters of the fleet, all the military equipment, provisions and other. Major was always flourishing developing city and even in times of superiority of Naples, he has not lost its functions in commercial areas of the country. It is for this resistance and steadfastness Maiori nicknamed the royal city.

The city has repeatedly been subjected to harsh vagaries of nature, repeatedly hit by floods. The latter is especially strong, occurred in 1954, when Regina Mayor came out of their banks and flooded much of the land. Then destroyed the entire historic center of the city and a huge part of the upper areas.

To date, Maiori is a world-class resort. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable feel comfortable: well-equipped beaches, luxury hotels with all the conditions, beautiful sights, nice bars restaurants and clubs.

National kitchen Maiori is a classic dishes of Italy, their recipes locals pass each other by word of mouth. The basic formula of all dishes - vegetable combination with seafood, the perfect combination of both in taste and in terms of healthy eating. Also in the local restaurants you encounter a very unusual dishes, such as eggplant in chocolate, a very interesting mix of such culinary delights there are not uncommon, and even these are nothing new.

The city has a lot of restaurants, bars and trattorias. Here, each institution is well on its own and each differs in some original design and interesting menu. So you should go to a few places to try food and wine, to get accustomed to the atmosphere and only then choose the place that you visit regularly.

In the majors every year a carnival - a very significant event, which takes place in February or March, the date of the holiday depends on the day of Passover. Carnival is a fun memorable sight. After the carnival held in the town of Holy Week, during which the city hosts a procession with torches, which was called "Via Kruchis", an event that happens in April. If you can get in this period in Maiori, you simply provide a large number of emotions of delight and joy from all seen.

But do not worry if you have not rolled the opportunity to visit the carnival and "Via Kruchis" during the summer in the city also held a very interesting shows: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, theater performances and many other interesting activities. "Roberto Rossellini Prize " in October , during its holding young talents present their work in the industry of cinema. The festival was opened by Isabella Rossellini, in memory of the fact that in Maiori met her parents: Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman.

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