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Casamicciola (Ischia Casamicciola) - a beautiful, picturesque town in the north of Ischia. This city has been described in a remarkable work "Peer Gynt" Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen. In this city, he was treated by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the national hero of Italy. Ischia Casamicciola is famous worldwide for its miraculous springs. Even before the advent of fashion today spa centers in the city were health and beauty center, which, with the help of special procedures to do so that their customers are younger, and prettier.

Even the coat of arms of the city painted old lady lowers legs in mineral water. To date, the opportunity to feel the healing properties of mineral water is available to everyone. One of the most important thermal parks in the city is Castiglione. It contains 10 pools, 8 of which are filled with water from the hot springs. In the upper part of Casamicciola, Alta area is called Bagni, here is the most SPA centers in the city, even such as the ancient baths, baths Beliatstsi also not far from here is the Hotel Manzi, built back in the XIX century, that it liked to rest Garibaldi after the fighting.

In Ischia Casamicciola opened the first health resort for the poor in Europe, this happened in the XVII century, it was called Pio Monte della Miserikordiya and was on the Piazza de Bagni. In this health resort anyone could heal with the help of hot springs two weeks of the year made free, it was a unique event, because before access to the hot springs belonged exclusively elite. To date, this building is destroyed, it has suffered in the XIX century by the earthquake, and then it was rebuilt in another part of town, but soon unfortunately abandoned.

Very impressive route in Casamicciola is a walk towards the crater of an extinct volcano Kretayo. This volcano has long been overgrown with trees and shrubs and in these days it is more like a park. From its summit offers a lovely panorama with beautiful scenic views. The most crowded and noisy place in the city - it's Piazza Marina, which is located near a large port, which, incidentally, is the second largest on the island. On the square is a car, so there can be only walk. Here you will find many pizzerias and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious latte or cappuccino, admiring the magical views of the sea, luxury yachts, as well as well-known sculptures Ibsen and Vittorio Emanuele II.

Another major attraction in the city is the grotto at the foot of the hill of Castiglione, who was named in the name of the local seer Sibyl. The Grotto is located in the lower part of the city, he was particularly inspired by tourists with its majesty and beauty. We also strongly recommend that you visit a ceramic factory Mennella, which was built right on the waterfront. This factory has more than 500 years of producing pottery of different colors and shapes, which are bought and exported around the world. Factory conveys his tricks of the trade from one generation to the next, so today it is the same quality and beautiful dishes, like many years ago. Right here you can buy a painted jug or cup interesting and bring loved ones and friends, or just to add to my home collection in memory of this wonderful city.

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