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On the Amalfi Coast every town has something different, unique to it. Let’s look closer at the capital of the coast – Amalfi.

This is a charming resort town, which has a lot of luxury hotels, a beautiful cathedral, which is known for its Byzantine mosaics, Saracen dome and beautiful Romanesque columns. In 1997, Amalfi was declared by UNESCO the World Heritage Site.

The city is notable not only for its interesting history, but also for its spectacular views, beautiful nature, crystal clear sea and many landmarks. Legend has it that the city was named in honor of the mermaid, who was the wife of Hercules. She tragically died, and was buried in the local lands by her husband.

In Amalfi the beaches are covered with pebbles, the fact which is appreciated by many tourists. The sea is always calm, there are no big waves. The beaches are equipped with sun loungers, parasols, playgrounds and much more. Some beaches even provide towels for tourists. What is very important is that showers here have fresh water. The entire coastline is divided into paid and free beaches. The paid area is divided between the hotels and restaurants.

There are plenty of restaurants in Amalfi. Here you can be sure that among this variety you will find a place for your liking. In the menus of the restaurants you can find seafood, delicious pizzas, meat dishes, vegetable side dishes, and, of course, home-made wine.

There are two types of hotels in the city: modern with trendy residences that have all the necessary equipment, and old architectural buildings that look like castles or manor houses, and the rooms in these hotels resemble royal accommodations.

Everyone knows about the local Museum of paper. Here you can book a very interesting tour of the museum, and afterwards buy beautiful postcards or handmade business cards. Also interesting is the City Museum that displays old manuscripts which describe the history of the city. They were created back in the 16th century. The most interesting of them is the draft of the Maritime Code "Tavola Amalfitane" which was in effect in Italy from the 12th to the 16th century.

Amalfi is famous for its beautiful romantic atmosphere that permeates the entire city. Here everything makes you feel in a wonderful positive way and somehow you are not even capable of getting sad or upset. The city’s location is so interesting that its buildings are intricately connected with each other by the staircases carved into the rock, and their roofs work as gardens.

If you are lucky enough to visit Amalfi in summer, be sure to attend the lemon festival. Here you can enjoy a wonderful celebration, an interesting show program, try the wonderful liqueur Limoncello, and of course taste the best Italian wines.

In this city you will always be joyful and relaxed. After some sightseeing, you can try out various sports such as horse riding, scuba diving or kite surfing: here everyone can find the activity of their liking.

Amalfi nightlife will pleasantly surprise even the most fastidious tourists. In the city you will find many interesting nightclubs and discos with original shows and great music. And after a night of dancing, here you can stroll along the beautiful shoreline, listen to the sound of waves and enjoy the sea breeze and the splendor and majesty of the sunrise.

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