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Seas-Lakes-SPA for Fit

Italy is a peninsula  located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and its history, its past has always been related to the events which took place in the Mare Nostrum since the first Roman proofs.

Today its actual borders are mostly represented by maritime boundaries, more than  7.000 km of coast and more than  800 islands (maritime lagoon or river island), from this aspect it’s quite clear to understand how much important is for Italian culture the “water” element. In fact the water in all its forms, represents one of the main touristic attraction of our country.

SEA – wonderful sea location into the South of Italy as Sicilia and Sardegna, in Puglia and Calabria, and furthermore  Isole Eolie, or Lampedusa without forgetting the Costiera Amalfitana and Costiera Sorrentina, the Arcipelago of Toscana and the amazing Liguria, all places that offer crystal clear water and deep and rich in fishes and corals bottoms.

To your eyes, long sandy white-golden beaches will appear, little bays reachable only by sea,  rocky headlands and wide green pinewoods typical of the Mediterranean area.

And then to the North, you’ll have the Adriatic Sea: large sandy beaches ideal for families with children, hundreds of coast from Grado to San Benedetto del Tronto, passing by Lido di Jesolo and Rimini, where cheaper rates, great hospitality, good cuisine and fun will waiting for you.

LAKES – wonderful  water basins with breathtaking landscapes and unmatched views, elegant villas and majestic palaces; possibility to play all kind of water sport in a lovely scenery.

In the North Italy, you will find the main and most important Italian lakes, three are the famous ones: Lago di Como, Lago Maggiore and Lago di Garda.  Here you can pass relaxing days walking around the nice promenades front lake, in the elegant lake resort with their nice historical center, it will be possible also to get excursions by modern motorboats or hydrofoils coast to coast in the lake, to reserve rooms in hotel of high quality, without forgetting the local cuisine with its delicacies, wines and typical products.

SPA -  water means also wellness and health, first of all if we are taking in consideration the water of the thermal spa center scattered all around the whole territory of Italy, each location has its own characteristic water, ideal for curing some diseases.

Thermale Spa centers as  Abano Terme, Ischia, Montecatini Terme and Saturnia (just to note the most famous ones) offer hotels with specific and modern thermal area where it’s possible to receive specific treatments or simply get an hour of pure relax for the body and the soul.

So here the product SEA-LAKE -SPA, a large choice of pleasant staying among the most renowned Italian touristic locations, offering you by LARUS VIAGGI:  for a nice holidays, for a romantic honeymoon, for a simply week-end or for celebrating a special occasion in a wonderful and fascinating location, where you could join relax and amusement together with culture and tradition of each destination, providing you the best of the hotel’s or apartment accommodation…

Larus Viaggi will pay a great attention to all little details of your holidays, thanks to our big experience in Incoming Tourism since 1984!

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