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A book will be not enough for explaining all that Toscana region can offer. It’s a territory rich in Culture, Art, History in each form, but also Hospitality, Cookery, Traditions.

Thanks to its great position, in the middle between North and South and directly to the Tirrenian Sea, from Toscana you can visit easily each corner of Italy: hundreds and hundreds itinerary all around the different area of Toscana : the Versilia on the north front to the Tirreno Sea, the Maremma , with its wonderful beaches and summer sea resorts; Val di Chiana, Valle del Chianti and Valle d’Orcia, (where the excellence of meat and wine is produced from centuries, and where you will be delighted by wine, bread, oil and cheese tasting with also guided visited into farms, winery and vineyards in order to appreciate and see how  for example a bottle of wine Brunello di Montalcino or a piece of cheese Pecorino d’Orcia  is produced!

And again Cultural Cities that guests a lot of tourists all the year, a wonderful sea resorts as Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, and all the Tuscan Archipelago with Elba Island, Giglio Island,..without forgetting the Lagoon of Orbetello is home to many species of migratory birds, including flamingos and herons.

Toscana means for most part of tourists: Firenze  “the Cradle of Rinascimento Era”. Let’s have  a dip into the art and culture just walking around its city center where Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Donatello, Giotto, Masaccio and other left their own masterpieces.

And other citie as Siena with its wonderful  Piazza del Campo and Torre del Mangia;  Pisa with its famous Campo dei Miracoli together with the leaning Tower, the Duomo together with the Battistero  and a nice promenade along the Lungarno street; and less but not the least Arezzo, Lucca, Pistoia, Volterra, San Gimignano, other little cultural pearls of Toscana.

Not forget also the Wellness Spa Resort scattered all around Toscana: Montecatini Terme, Chianciano Terme, Saturnia, Casciana Terme and Bagni di Pisa.

Wherever you’ll stay in Toscana do not forget to eat in typical Trattoria or Restaurant where tasting all the best of its Cuisine: Homemade Pasta and Bread, Chianina Meat, local Cheese, soups all accompanied by excellent wines made in Toscana! Local regional cuisine based on traditional dishes is very popular, dishes as bread, barley, legumes and vegetables. Typical snacks are most asks are crostini (toasted bread slices) with a mixture of chicken liver and spleen Pastanella (summer vegetable salad), dried sausages Finocchiona and many others. Entrees consist of soups, such as the famous Ribollita soup, soup of beans, pappardelle (wide egg noodles) with a sauce of rabbit and more and more

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Distances between main cities

Ferenze Pisa Siena Viareggio Milano Roma Venezia
Ferenze 85 86 106 307 279 306
Pisa 169 30 281 373 330
Siena 171 371 236 323
Viareggio 236 377 334
Milano 579 269
Roma 531
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