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Florence is considered the capital of Tuscany, as well as the former capital of the Italian Republic of Florence. This city, known for its centuries-old history, was founded in 59 BC by Gaius Julius Caesar. However, the development of the city took place in the 14th-16th centuries, when Florence became the cultural and financial center of all Europe. Florence perfectly combines the secrets and traditions of ancient culture and modern buildings, restaurants and places for recreation. Florence is rightly considered the place where the Renaissance started, at that time it was a native city for many cultural figures, such as Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarca, Giovanni Boccaccio.

However, the city is famous not only for its writers, but also for architects such as Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Batista Alberti, who gave rise to the Renaissance style, which then spread throughout Europe, from Barcelona to St. Petersburg. Florence still retains the construction of the Renaissance, so it is rightly called the "open-air museum". Almost all the sights in Florence are not far from each other, so the transport problems will not particularly excite the tourists. However, for those who do not like walking on foot, there are special rental bikes where you can rent a two-wheeled friend for every taste and color, some hotels even offer their guests free use of bicycles, which further simplifies their search. Florence is known for its wonderful cuisine everywhere. Preferably will visit restaurants that are away from the center, in which the Florentines themselves often dine. There the most optimal ratio of the price and quality of the dishes served, that is, for a not very high price, you will be able to have a very tasty lunch or dinner, and just have a great time. The location of Florence (the center of Tuscany) speaks for itself. Here you can find a large number of excellent delicious wines, such as, for example, the beautiful Chianti. In many local institutions it is served at home in special decanters. Tourists, as a rule, bring from the city all kinds of souvenirs with various fragments of paintings from the Uffizi, as well as famous cheeses and wines of Florence, jewelry and leather products. Most of the jewelry items can be found on Ponte Vecchio, there are jewelry stores at every step. Florence is also famous for its countless museums. In the Señoria Square, for example, is the Uffizi Gallery - one of the oldest museums in Italy, it has the largest amount of Italian painting. The Museum of San Marco is widely known for its murals and frescoes made by Fra Beato Angelico and Fra Bartolomeo, as well as the cell of Savonarola. Also worthy of attention is the Academy of Fine Arts, the beautiful gallery of Pitti in the royal apartments, the Palatine Gallery, as well as the Gallery of Modern Art, the famous Silver Museum and the Carriage Museum, besides the Archaeological Museum in the Crocetta Palace, the Medici Museum in the Medici Ricardi Palace and others not Less interesting museums and galleries. Despite the large number of attractions in the city, there are also many bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment venues for any choice. For lovers of cosmetic and therapeutic procedures, Florence provides a SPA center where you can enjoy and relax in the hands of specialists. And for those who prefer to learn something new, the city has accelerated courses in the art of photography, making beads from glass, and cooking dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

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Price per car One/Way FROM / TO
Railway Station / Hotel Florence49,0055,00
Apt Florence / Hotel Florence61,0068,00
Apt Pisa / Hotel Florence214,00244,00
 Florence – Pisa – Lucca – Florence (8 hrs) **guide services to be added421,00464,00
Florence – Siena – Monteriggioni – San Giminiano – Florence (8 hrs) **guide services to be added421,00464,00
Florence – Chianti Tour + San Giminiano – Florence (8 hrs) **guide services to be added495,00525,00
 Florence – Siena – San Giminiano – Volterra – Florence (8 hrs) **guide services to be added495,00525,00
 Florence – Outlet 4 hours – Florence (Designer Barberino or The Mall-Fashion Valley)247,00293,00
Night supplement for transfers (from 20:00 to 07:00) +20%
Florence (3hrs) / Pisa (2hrs) / Siena (2hrs) H/D with Russian / English speaking guide € 171,00
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Supplement: night / Sunday / festivity + 20%
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