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Rome is a very famous city in all of Europe, the capital of Italy. Each tourist will delight in the abundance of places of interest, beautiful places, monuments of culture and architecture. This city was built for many centuries before our era.

I would like to immediately appeal to tourists to be vigilant on the streets of the city, since in Rome there are some quarters in which small thieves "wield", as a rule, they can be found in transport or on crowded streets. The city even has inscriptions that warn local residents and tourists to be cautious and watch personal things.

In Rome there are institutions called trattoria and hostery, something like Russian taverns. In these places, they are often very tasty, while the prices are very reasonable, for example, just for 15 euros, you can fully dine or have dinner.

Another type of restaurant - rostitseriya, they are famous for their home cooking. Here, lunch or dinner will be even cheaper than in the trattoria. This is the favorite place for the Italians themselves, as they are far from the common "tourist" places.

Breakfasts in Rome often take place on the beach, the most common breakfast is coffee and croissant. Lunch and dinner often in bars and restaurants. Of the most common dishes here are most often ordered artichokes, zucchini in batter, pasta and pizza, which are a whole lot.

The sightseeing tour here takes place in the order of history: first antiquity, then the Middle Ages, after masterpieces in the Baroque style, and finally, the Renaissance. According to this principle, excursions are organized here, tickets are also described exactly this order of visiting famous places.

The most outstanding sights of the city are the Roman Forum, famous for its altar of Saturn and Vulcan, as well as the sanctuary of Vesta, the Vestal House and, of course, the source of Yuthurn and the arch of Septimius Severus. It is also home to the famous Colosseum, the Pantheon, Raphael's tomb and the great structure that the tourists like the basilica of Maxentius and Constantine love to visit.

There are here undoubtedly other historical values. Palantine, for example, is the place where Rome originated. It is worth paying attention to the ruins of the basilica of Emilia, Curia, visit the palace of Flavius ​​and the arch of Constantine, enjoy the views of the Forum of Augustus, the ruins of Trajan and his famous column. All the charms of Rome and not count, but still, if you have the time, be sure to touch the magical mystery of the imperial palaces and illustrations on the ancient walls and structures.

Separately I would like to note the churches located in Rome. Saint-Laurentis, Saint-Lorenzo-Fuori-le-Mura, Santa Maria Maggiore and St. Ignacio and many others. Separate attention deserves the Sistine Chapel with murals of Michelangelo, and, undoubtedly, the Vatican.

If you paid a little time to visit Rome, then excursions that take place here for one day will suit you. During this time you can visit the wonderful Tivoli, here are the villas of Adriana and d'Esta, which are protected by the UNESCO organization.

Most hotels in Rome are located near the railway station. However, beware, among representatives of travel companies there are charlatans who strive to offer their customers uncomfortable conditions.

In general, Rome - a beautiful city that will not leave anyone indifferent, not for nothing in an old good saying says "All roads lead to Rome!"

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Apt Fiumicino / Htl city  46,0062,0065,00
Apt Ciampino / Htl city  46,0062,0066,00
Railway Station / Htl city  30,0035,0040,00
Vaticano / Htl city30,0035,0040,00
Apt Fiumicino / Civitavecchia harbour128,00150,00173,00
Rome city / Outlet Castel Romano75,0086,0098,00
Transfer Rome-Naples  335,00405,00440,00
Transfer Rome - Florence  415,00460,00510,00
Transfer Rome - Siena370,00395,00415,00
Transfer Rome - Milan645,00715,00750,00
Transfer Rome - Venice645,00715,00750,00
Excursion Rome HD (3 hrs) half day **guide services to be added104,00118,00125,00
Excursion Rome HD (8 hrs) full day **guide services to be added280,00315,00335,00
Excursion Rome by night with dinner (4 hrs) **guide services to be added145,00168,00180,00
Rome – Tivoli or Ostia or Castelli Romani – Rome (4 hrs) **guide services to be added150,00168,00185,00
Rome – Tivoli or Ostia or Castelli Romani – Rome (8 hrs) **guide services to be added265,00288,00345,00
Rome – Naples – Pompei – Rome (12 hrs) **guide services to be added450,00485,00520,00
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