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Beautiful, mysterious town of Assisi is located on the Apennine peninsula. According to the native Italians, this "little corner" of the earth is marked by a special seal of a higher power. There are many local legends and mysteries about Assisi that you have yet to learn. An interesting fact: the town of Assisi is located near a dry lake, in the municipality of Umbria.

The story began when in a beautiful, small town the famous not only in Italy but throughout the Catholic world Saint Francis was born. He is considered the patron saint of Italy. St. Francis was not only born and raised in the town of Assisi, but he also founded here the legendary mendicant order.

How did the town get its name? According to recent research, the founder of the town of Assisi was the Trojan prince Asio. The town of Assisi is the embodiment of serene beauty and "loud silence" of its landmarks of which here there are a great many.

The heritage of Assisi is the Basilica of St. Francis. This majestic, ancient temple is situated on a hill, which locals call "hellish", while tourists most recently named it a "paradise." Why were the opinions so divided? This is because is ancient times it was a place for hanging criminals, and these days thousands of pilgrims offer here their prayers to St. Francis. Decoration of the temple is amazing. Here you feel the lightness of being and the surge of vitality as soon as enter the building. The interior is done in a simple, Romanesque style.

We would like to mention that everything in this small town is unusual, even the location of its streets: most cross streets are absent, and houses, as a rule, have two entrances. In Assisi order is welcomed in everything, so despite a large concentration of tourists the town is always clean and cozy. It is believed that people who visit the town leave all problems behind and leave renewed.

Fans of the Middle Ages must visit an amazing fortress with the unusual name of Rocca Maggiore. There are great number of legends about this unusual place and one of the most mysterious talks about the birth of two babies - Francis and the Emperor Frederick II.

In addition, in the territory of Assisi you will find majestic bell towers which unique sounds fill hearts of locals and tourists with "light and kindness."

Assisi is the town of spiritual enlightenment. This is the place that has one of the most complete and interesting pinacothecas in Italy that features very unique paintings.

The town of Assisi has very narrow streets, so ideally you should explore in on foot. After a long day, you will need to eat well, and for that you can go to a family restaurant for an inexpensive lunch or order a takeaway. Especially popular among tourists are Italian wines, cheese and pizza.

Assisi is famous not only for its landmarks, but also for its unique craftsmen: original embroidery, beautiful ceramic figurines and much more you can find in souvenir shops. It is believed that the art of embroidery came from knights returning from the Crusades. The main distinguishing feature of this handmade art is the use of muted colors. Balconies in Assisi are decorated with flower arrangements, and houses are predominantly made ​​of stone.

Gothic architecture, green hills, friendly people, atmosphere of hospitality and tranquility – this is what awaits you in this beautiful town. Assisi is just a 2 hour drive from Rome and it is definitely worth a visit.

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