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Noto is one of the most famous resorts of whole Sicily that worth of a visit.

Since 2002, Noto together other closer towns is in the list of the Unesco Heritage thanks to its wonderful and spectacular sightseeing connected with the Baroque period all concentrated in its nice city-center; it’s called all over the world as the Capital of the Baroque, to better explain how much this architectural period influenced the style of all its monuments, palaces and buildings.

The city is located in the south of Sicily, at only 31 km far from Siracusa and few km far from the Mediterranean Sea. With Avola famous for its renowned red wine and with Pachino famous for its typical tomatoes, they create the Gulf of Noto, a geographical area that offer sea attraction, cultural sightseeing and good cuisine, a formula that you can find everywhere around Sicily.

The name NOTO has Arabian origins, just to remark the great importance of this village NOTO = KNOWN/FAMOUS for its beauty and its strategic position, the city will be occupied later by Normanni and then by Aragonesi , but the life of this city stopped in 1693 when a deep earthquake destroyed the whole city causing also many many victims. The city will be completely re-built, arriving to our days breathtaking and spectacular as it is, with all its monuments as Basilica di San Nicolò masterpiece of the 3 most important artist of Baroque of Noto, inside a wonderful statue of Raffaello; Chiesa del Santissimo Crocifisso, for religious importance it’s one of the most renowned palaces , then again Chiesa di San Carlo al Corso.

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