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Agrigento is a small medieval town famous for its beautiful beaches and interesting architecture, but most of all it is famous for located nearby the Valley of the Temples, which is the place where the ruins of the past millennia still remain - the ancient Greek ruins in Sicily. During the day there are usually a lot of people here as many come to look at this miracle, so it is best to arrive here in the morning or in the evening to avoid the queues and crowds.

If you find come here in February, you will be lucky enough to see the marvelous blossoming almond orchards located in the valley. This is a striking sight in itself and it is very exciting. Standing in the gardens you can marvel at many different shades of white and pink almond flowers, which is explained by the fact that here you will find various kinds of trees, which were brought from the whole of Italy.

Today Agrigento is a living vibrant city. Life here is exciting and fast-paced. Locals are in a certain rhythm. Agrigento is still a birthplace of mafia, however sad it may sound. Here you can still meet some of its members, but won’t experience the turmoil of past years, which was shown even in movies and needs no introduction, because local police is very good here.

In the city you will also find a great wine collection, which will amaze you with an abundance of different types and collections of wines presented here. In local restaurants you can taste delicious pasta with sun dried tomatoes while sipping some high quality, tasty wine.

The city hosts special courses where you can learn all the secrets of cooking. After training here you will be able to prepare Sicilian dishes as well as the locals.

Agrigento amazes with its beautiful temples of Yunona-Lakinia and Concordia. They have interesting, intricate look about them and contain mysterious early Christian catacombs that tourists will be interested to visit in order to experience the spirit of that era when Christianity was conceived.

In the city you can also visit unique ruins of temples of the great gods of Greek mythology: Zeus, Hephaestus and Heracles. Also of great interest is the sanctuary of Asclepius and many other interesting sights. The city itself looks like a set of ruins, old castles and churches. These ruins take us back to those mysterious days when, according to legends, the gods lived here. Stories of the emergence of local churches and palaces impresses with their facts. It is better, of course, to hear them from local guides who will tell local legends like no other.

In the city you will encounter many museums and medieval palaces, but there are a lot of modern buildings in Agrigento. Here, for example, there are a lot of beautiful luxury hotels, with excellent facilities for tourists. There are a lot of shops in the city where you will find branded, high quality products. So, feel free to indulge in some shopping in Agrigento, if you have some time to spare. In the city there is also a diverse array of restaurants that will delight you with amazing Sicilian dishes, as well as quality house wines.

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