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San Marino

San Marino Republic is located in the South part of Europe,  surrounded by all sides by the territory of Italy.

It’s used to consider this state, one of the littlest countries in the world and the oldest state in Europe. San Marino is only 22 km from the Adriatic Sea, few km far from the nice Rimini.

The republic is divided into nine small districts called "locks". Its capital is the famous city of San Marino. Due to its closeness to Italy this country has usually inserted in a classic tour of Italy, without any kind of restriction or require of entry visa.

The entire territory of the state is distinguished by the presence of Mount Titano , it’s height 739 meters above sea level, which is visible from each part of the country. Mount Titano is the symbol of a country and its silhouette with three crenellated towers has been depicted on the emblem of the state.

This country guests each year visitors mainly European tourists, it counts more than 5 million tourists per year.

The city has preserved in centuries its wonderful Medieval sightseeing and main aspects: San Marino city with its typical Medieval walls and towers:  the famous ones are Cesta dated 13th century, Montale of  14th century and Guaita the oldest one of 11th century. Also worth of a visit the Wax Museum, explaining the old history of the republic, the National Museum with a large collection of historical and archeological Museum and Museum of Torture.

Nicest monuments are the church of San Antimo, the Cappella Baglioni, the Museum of coins and stamps, and of course the museum of old vehicles where more than 25 famous brand Ferrari cars are exposed. In the museum you can admire the car "Ford T" belonged to Margherita of Savoia, as well as car «Fiat» belonged to Pope John XXIII.

The country has preserved many ancient traditions. But thanks to the closest distance from Italy we could  say that the culture of the two countries are quite similar.

Residents are proud of traditional hospitality and friendliness. The official language is Italian and the religion is the Catholicism.

In San Marino Republic you’ll find many savours and tastes of the Italian cuisine: very tasty entrees: as passatelli tagliatelle, lasagne, cannelloni, ravioli, pasta "strozzapreti." (all kind of homemade PASTA); then you have a large choice among a wide variety of meat dishes. For dessert, be sure to order the typical cake of San Marino called TRE MONTI, based of almond, meringue and chocolate. Among the good local wines worth trying Moscato di San Marino, Sangiovese and Biancale.

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Distances between main cities

Сан-Марино Серравалле Римини Равенна Флоренция Рим
Сан-Марино 5 20 75 185 332
Серравалле 15 77 179 342
Римини 54 170 365
Равенна 142 354
Флоренция 280