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Mantova is a lovely city located in North Italy, in the region of Lombardia on the River Mincio, well-connected to several touristic attraction as the Garda Lake, the city of Verona, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena. From July 2008, Mantova (the city of Gonzaga Family for excellence) has been recognized as World Heritage of Unesco and for all 2016, it will be the Capital city of the Italian Culture.
The city usually can been considered as a little island, this because off an old and ancient defense system that using the water of Mincio River surrounded completely the city with 4 big lakes connected with the land with two old bridges, nowadays still existing. This aspect give to Mantova the aspect of a city that rises from the water.
Thanks to the strong presence of water in its territory, you can find everywhere a big variety of birds, fishes and plants , among them it’s easy to find: lotus flowers, waterlilies, hibiscus ,willows and birds as herons and swans.

Its first origins came from Etruscan age, but the cultural and political turning point happened around 1300 when Gonzaga Family reigned over Mantova for centuries till 1707. It was the top period for the city, it became one of the most important European center where artists as Mantegna and Leon Battista Alberti lived and worked.
After Gonzaga’s period, Mantova knew a sad period characterized by forays, plague and a cultural/economic decline.
Important sightseeing in the city are: Cathedral of San Peter, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea and the Rotonda of San Lorenzo (the oldest church of the city),but the most important one is of course Palazzo Te, a building commissioned by Federico II Gonzaga that used it for his amusements and entertainments and for meeting his official lover. Worth of a visit of course inside Palazzo Te: Sala dei Giganti, Sala di Amore e Psiche and Sala dei Cavalli to celebrate the stables of Gonzaga Families, famous at that time all over Europe.

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