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Como is an Italian city in the region of Lombardy (Lombardia), located near the Swiss border, on the shores of Lake Como. Amazingly beautiful Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy. The city was formed before our era and has presumably Gaulish origin. In 193 BC, the city became part of the Roman Republic.

The city was captured and destroyed by Romans, and then rebuilt by the order of Julius Caesar. Many times the city was passed from one state to another due to its advantageous geographical position. And only in 1895, after the victory of the revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi the city became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1861 the city became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Now the city of Como is the regional capital of the homonymous province. It is famous for silk production. The city became famous in the 13th century, when Marco Polo, the famous explorer, brought silkworms from China. Since then, the city became an important producer of silk in Italy, and silk is supplied to the best Italian fashion houses.

The city has a rich history and it is famous for its landmarks. The old town in Como is surrounded by the remains of the fortified walls of the 12th century. In the center there is the Cathedral (Duomo di Como) which was built in the period from the 14th to the 17th century. The Cathedral is characterized by mixed architectural styles, from Gothic to Renaissance. Not far from the cathedral there is an ancient building of the local town hall Broletto and a bell tower, both from the 13th century. Here you can see the Basilica of San Fedele from the 12th century. Of old buildings located outside the city walls we want to mention Roman churches San Carpophorus from the 10th century and San Sant'Abbondio from the 11th century.

Definitely worth a visit is the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Miracle (Il Santuario della Madonna del Prodigio di Garzola) that holds a miraculous image of the Madonna and Child.

In the modern part of the city you can admire the beautiful Piazza Cavour with its multiple restaurants and hotels. Not far from it there is the City Garden and Museum Tempio Voltiano dedicated to Alessandro Volta – an Italian scientist from the 18th century, an inventor who gave the world the battery, the first accumulator, and many other inventions. Along the main street, you can see ancient villas and mansions. One of the most beautiful and finest local villas is Villa Olmo built in the late 18th century by the Odescalchi princes. The walls of the villa are decorated with amazing frescoes, and the villa itself is surrounded by a beautiful park where you can relax and unwind. At one point, Garibaldi and Napoleon stayed in this villa. You can stroll along the quay in the city that stretches along the coastline, and relax on the beach. An unforgettable experience will be a trip by cable car to the mountain Brunate. There is a large observation deck on top of it from where you can admire the enchanting view.

Without a doubt, the main attraction of the city is Lake Como, surrounded by picturesque landscapes popular since the days of ancient Romans. Today, the areas around the lake inspire not only many tourists, but also filmmakers.

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