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Brescia (Provincia di Brescia) - an industrial city, but it does not mean that there is nothing to see for tourists and visitors to the city, quite the contrary. Brixen (Brixia), as it is affectionately called in ancient times, the Romans lived here, has managed to preserve a unique architecture, which she has carried through several epochs.

The city is located in the foothills of the Alps, which creates certain favorable climate in these places and picturesque nature, pleasing look their wondrous beauty. The city also has a museum of arms and plants that produce it, the plant sent special tours where tourists explain the subtleties and nuances of making weapons. The city preserved the two cathedrals. Every spring, in May, is carried out here racing, they are only allowed retromobili this little fact gives racing special grace and unusual. Local polenta will be sure to appreciate the true gourmets, its beauty can not fail to impress even the most discerning eyes. Near the city having a wonderful lake, they attract tourists with its crystal clear water, beautiful scenery, marvelous views, fresh air and the other delights of nature.

In ancient times, Brescia locals called BRICS. Since then, there were neighborhoods in the form of rectangles, as well as the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on the Square and the Domus del Ortal (Domus del Ortaglia), which some time ago was found in the monastery of St. Iulii (St Giulia). In the historic center of wonderfully preserved two cathedrals: Old, built in the Romanesque style, with a mosaic floor and the body of the XVI century and new, which are relics of St. Apollonia (St Apollon) and frescoes Moretto (Moretto). Cathedral Square, among other things, also decorated the palace Broletto (Broletto), with big beautiful lookout tower, in the past it was used in strategic and defensive purposes.

"Capital weapons of Italy"is the second name of Brescia. In Brescia are several workshops for the production of weapons, they include even the most well-known manufacturers in the world Beretta (Bretta) and Scotty (Scotti). On a hill overlooking the city of Brescia Castle, built in the style of the Middle Ages. There is a museum of weapons, we recommend that you be sure to visit.

For those who prefer a tasty meal at an affordable price, in Brescia is a real paradise. The city offers a huge selection of decent food for every taste, these places will be fulfilled even the whims of discerning palate. In the local restaurants, you should pay attention to the polenta with mushrooms and smoked and Lyumake alla Bresciano, local dishes prepared by a special recipe - it's snails with Parmesan cheese and spinach. Always worth a taste of the local terrain perfect dish - risotto with beef, which is already famous not only in Brescia, but also in the whole of Lombardy.

Every spring, in the month of May, Brescia becomes a "capital" of the world famous race of vintage cars Mille Miglė ( Mille Miglia ). It has its origins in the Italian capital, Rome, and ends here in the city of Brescia, on the main square. In the race are allowed to participate in only a small number of machines that were released before 1957. This sight is very appealing both locals and tourists alike. Around racetracks going to a lot of viewers and fans who choose for themselves a favorite car and maintain it throughout the race.

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