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Bergamo (Bergamo) - Italian town, which is located in the Lombardy region, the city is the administrative center of the province of Bergamo. Bergamo is situated on a hilltop, it is rich in a variety of very interesting architecture, which is represented by several epochs. Special influence on Bargamo Venice had since from XV to XVII century settlement Bargamo is under the auspices of the republic. The administration of the city is divided into two regions: Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa, they are opposite each other on the hills and are separated by a fortified wall.

Bergamo gives us a wide range of luxury hotels, but in spite of this, book a hotel room should be in advance, even if you are visiting the city for the weekend only. Hotel offers provided by small cozy hostels to luxury hotels, with huge spacious rooms. The largest number of hotels located in the city center, it is very convenient for tourists because they are closer to all city attractions.

Bergamo is famous for its bars and restaurants, of which there are a plenty of, basically they are, of course, give your attention to the national cuisine. Traditional pasta, pizza, seafood and delicious wines are available here in a wide selection for every taste. In Bergamo work truly professional chefs who will surprise with his culinary skills of even the most discerning palate. In addition, local institutions also boast a cozy atmosphere, they create a carefully for their favorite guests. Yes, yes, so here are greeted visitors.

In Bergamo there are restaurants to suit families with children. Their staff will make sure that the menu had meals for children, as well as special toys and playground where the kids can play and have fun. For large noisy companies in the city also have special facilities such as a restaurant, "Gennaro and Pia", it is located near the center and houses a large number of people. The restaurant is always fun to play music, he revived and never empty.

In addition to the national dishes, which are found throughout the country, the city of Bergamo provides guests with their own Bergamo dishes, among them traditional porridge made of corn flour and cheese "kasontsey" - delicious ravioli with meat, cooked with special technology, which is known only to the locals.

On top of a hill located Upper Town, it is called Bergamo Alta. Lower Town (Bergamo Bassa) looks more modern in its architectural constructions and structures. Bergamo - one of the few cities where the preserved ancient buildings and architectural heritage which presents several eras. Very popular among tourists is the area called Piazza Vechif. Architecture area is mainly represented by constructs of the Middle Ages, the time when the city was under the influence of Venetian rule.

Bergamo Palace of Soviets was renovated several times. For example, in 1520 there were built the main hall to the rafters, decorated with frescoes and the lower gallery, famous for its enchanting beauty. Opposite the Palace of the Soviets was to build a new palace, which includes a huge library of Cardinal Angelo Mai, next to him is a picturesque fountain, around which like to gather locals and tourists in the hot weather.

Nearby, there is Piazza del Duomo, where stands the beautiful Cappella Colleoni, which was made in the style of the Renaissance. Capella is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. Here, next to the chapel, located baptisery, built in the XIV century and the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Hill St. euphemy famous for its beautiful castle of Bergamo, it was built sometime in the place where the ancient Romans lived and Celts. Hence the hill can be seen a beautiful view of the whole city, there is a beautiful view, in all its splendor. In 2004, on a hill, in the fortress, opened Historical Museum, which today often like to visit the tourists.

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