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Liguria is one of the littlest region of Italy; it’s located in the west of Italy on the border with France.

It’s really particular because all the region faces to the Ligurian Sea, and just behind you have a big chain of mountains, the Alps.
So we can consider Liguria, as a region with a lot of faces and aspects offering in this way a wide choice of landscapes as well as opportunities for those people who will choose this place for a holidays.

Nature, sea, mountains, culture, cuisine, cities, and entertainment, Liguria can offer all this.
One of the most important natural resources of this region is in fact  the sea, with its rocky coasts interrupted by a small coves, where little but lovely sandy beaches or famous sea areas find refuge.

The park of Le Cinque Terre and the famous Golfo dei Poeti, Golfo del Tigullio , Riviera delle Palme and Riviera dei Fiori, just to mention some of the most famous and renowned all over the world, a wonderful stretch of coast long about 100 km will wait for you.
Along this path, the spectacular landscapes and seascapes are the most famous tourist sea resorts of Liguria : Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure , Rapallo, Sestri Levante, San Remo famous as “the city of flowers” and for its Casino, Alassio with three kilometers of beautiful beaches,

The sea here is so beautiful that calls every year many species of sperm whales, whales and dolphins living in this area, called "reserve cetaceans", just here they found their natural habitat and safety.
Liguria has lives thanks to the sea, that plays a primary role in the daily activity of Ligurian people.
Genova, the biggest city of the region, is a pure example of what is the symbiosis between a CITY and the SEA. Thanks to this great and deep relationship and thanks to its historical city center, Genova has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As somebody says “ the city belongs to the sea and the sea belongs to the city”
Here you can walk along the little street typical of the city, admiring the wonderful Rolli (particular prestigious buildings). If you are in Genova, please take a stop for visit also the Aquarium, one of most sophisticated and technologically advanced structures in Europe for the opening of the marine world.

Other cities of the region, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona.
When we speak about Liguria, we are obliged to talk also about its cuisine, so about Pesto, a sauce made up of basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, pecorino cheese and olive oil, a real delicacy used with Pasta.
Furthermore, in Liguria there are many vineyards and olive plantations, that produce excellent olive oils and wines such as Sciacchetrà, Pigato and Albarola. Few words also for what consider bread and “focaccia” a typical bread that each bakery prepares in the morning with oil and cheese; and Taggiasche Olives, together with local fish, mainly anchovies.

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Distances between main cities

Genova Alassio La Spezia Rapallo Sanremo Torino Milano
Genova 99 101 28 147 173 148
Alassio 197 124 55 182 222
La Spezia 80 247 275 225
Rapallo 172 200 165
Sanremo 238 277
Torino 144
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