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Lazio is region of Italy and also the cradle of the Christian Culture but also of art and culture. This region is located in central Italy bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, but all the territory of Lazio in interested by another source of water, in this case a river water of Tevere River. To remember also the presence of two important lakes in Lazio: Bolsena Lake and Lake of Bracciano.

In the region there are many stunning landscapes, pristine natural scenery and exciting horizons far away from urban centers, that here in Lazio are several.

The main cities are: Roma of course, the city symbol of Italy, the city of Culture, Art and History, but also of Business, Government and Power, without forgetting the Pope and the influence of the Catholic Church.

Other cities are Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo with typical Medieval features.

Frosinone it’s  famous for its Thermal area of Fiuggi, to visit also the elegant town of Anagni (the city of Popes) and Cassino together with the Benedectine Abbey of Montecassino.

Do not forget the area just outside Roma, with Tivoli and all the Roman Castles Area with Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana and Colli Albani the origin area of ancients Latins area famous for different resorts as : Castelli Romani is the main and renowned destination specially for wine and delicacies tasting; Castelgandolfo (Pope’s Palace), Ariccia (famous for its ‘porchetta’, a typical salami), Frascati famous for the several Ville Tuscolane and the good wine.

Latina, famous for its wonderful Circeo Park with its prehistoric caves and the two towns of Sabaudia and Terracina, from here begins the wide Lazio Coast with the renowned Gaeta Gulf with Gaeta, Sperlonga with the famous Tiberio Villa and Caves, Formia, sea resorts choose each summer from thousands and thousands of tourists.

Rieti and the area nearby  so called Sabina area,  with some little villages arrived to us still intact and have a tour around castles scattered around Colli Sabini, one of the most important is Nerola Castle.

Near Viterbo  worth of a stop is Bolsena Lake and the little town of Bolsena with the famous catacombs; all the area included between Cassia and  Flaminia Road are well-known for its necropolis, while in the Maremma Laziale near the coast arises Tarquinia, a wonderful Medieval town with a great collection of Etruscan Ruins all collected in the Etruscan Museum; we suggest also the visit to Tuscania town, a real example of Romanic city.

Lazio means also SPA and THERMAL resort. Thanks to the healing properties of local sources, they are in great demand since the Roman era (as Republican and Imperial) and present days. The Romans built magnificent thermal baths around the region, such as the Baths of Caracalla in Rome (Terme di Caracalla) and many others.

One of the best spa resorts in Italy is located in Tivoli . Its fame is associated with such a monumental villa as Villa d'Este, characterized by beautiful fountains, gardens and magnificent Renaissance palaces and Villa Adriana, the residence of the Emperor Hadrian. Both villas have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For those who prefer the sea, the coastal region offers real jewels such as Gaeta, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo , Sperlonga  and the Pontine Islands.

Just few words also about the Vatican, residence of the Papal States where you can admire the famous St. Peter's Square and the magnificent Sistine Chapel, contemplating one of the great masterpieces of Michelangelo, the fresco "The Last Judgment”.

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Distances between main cities

Roma Fiumicino Terracina Civitavecchia Tivoli Firenze Napoli Venezia
Roma 30 110 70 34 279 227 530
Fiumicino 116 64 63 309 241 559
Terracina 169 118 382 187 633
Civitavecchia 117 274 297 525
Tivoli 282 211 532
Firenze 476 258
Napoli 728
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